Nearby mode?

Is there anyway to set a geofrence to trigger a mode?
I’ve got some outside lights and I dont really want them on when we’re not at home, however if we’re out and coming home, I’d like them to be on for when we arrive.

The only logical way of doing this seems to be using geofences to trigger a mode, however I can’t find a way to do this directly in SmartThings. It’d need to be based off multiple android devices too…

You can have your lights turn off when everyone leaves using the Smart Lighting app, and you can also have them turn back on when someone arrives (best if you make a separate smart light routine). This is how I have it setup for my wife an I.

You can also have it setup via IFTT if you want it to trigger at a certain way point on the way home, but sometimes IFTT triggers will get delayed.

Yeah I’ve got this setup already, but the problem is that it usually takes a few minutes for the lights to come on. No point in the outside drive lights coming on to light the way if im already inside the house!

Since you’re an Android user, you could use SharpTools + Tasker to achieve what you are looking for. Since you specifically mentioned Geofences, I would also check-out AutoLocation which makes it easy to setup geofences and trigger when you enter and exit the geofence.

With SharpTools, you can directly control your Things, run a Routine (Phrase), or change your Mode.

The problem with this is that I have to install Tasker & SharpTools on 4 different devices, with 3 of those people not being technically minded.

I just need something that’s already integrated with SmartThings so I can do it without all the fuff

Were you referring to Smart lighting or IFTTT with this statement?

Using the built in Mobile Presence capabilities and built in features like SmartLighting (or even a third party Smart app like Rule Machine) would be the way to do it without external apps.

This may be unrelated to the problem you’re experiencing, but under “Additional settings” for Someone Arrives, ensure that you don’t have too large a value for Minimum away time. The default is 10 minutes, which is way too long IMO. Values of 2 to 3 minutes seem to work well.

Unrelate unfortunately. It really bugs me how SmartThings rules really aren’t that smart, you can’t have anything remotely complex.

I’ve got 3 routines just so I can do the following:

  • Turn the outside lights on at 17:00 and 07:15
  • Turn the outside lights off at 01:00 and 08:00

The thing is, I don’t want the lights coming on if we’re not in. Now I know I can add this through a mode which works. The problem is that I want the lights to come on between these times if we’re not in the house, but within a certain area, ie, it’s dark out and we’re coming back form the cinema. I’d like the drive lights on by the time we arrive. It’s not use them coming on when we get in the house.
On the flip side, if we go on holiday, I don’t want the outside lights coming on all the time!