Navigating on an iPad?

I wanted to check the forums this morning on my iPad, but found that the menu bar (containing “Activity”, “Forums”, “Groups”, “Projects”, “Members”, “Resources”, and “Blog”) simply don’t show up when visiting the site on the iPad. If you know the URL you can get to the forums, but you can’t do it form the menus, as they aren’t drawn.

This isn’t an issue on the iPhone, where a popup widget provides access to the menu bar items.

Any chance the site’s menu can be updated for the iPad?

– Joe

Were you using mobile safari on the iPad? You may want to try something like Chrome until someone responds. You can toggle between mobile and desktop views using Chrome.

Yes, this was with Safari. I get the feeling some of the code in the site is recognizing the “mobile safari” bit to hide the menu bar, but other code is recognizing that it’s not an iPhone so it doesn’t show the mobile popup menu. Or something like that.

It’s easy enough to work around by using Chrome like you suggest (I didn’t know it had an option to force desktop mode) or just following a link to the forums and navigating from there. I mostly check forums on my computer anyway.

– Joe

Joe –

Thanks for pointing it out. I’ve added it to our list of things to look at…


If I rotate from portrait to landscape in safari, the menu bar shows up.

Ah, so it does. It seems like the menu bar is too wide to fit in portrait mode, so it gives up and doesn’t display anything at all. Thanks for the tip about landscape.

– Joe

As a follow-up, if you make your computer’s web browser narrower, you’ll see that at a certain size it shows the menu bar across two rows (the last entry being on the second row), and that making it a bit smaller still collapses the menu down to a “where” popup widget like on a phone. It’s interesting that the iPad has a unique behavior in portrait mode.

– Joe