Narrow remote switch needed

Trying to replace a 3 way switch in a hallway with a dimmer z wave version. I got a Leviton set but realized it would not work for me. The problem is that where the remote switch would go the box is partially covered and there is only about enough room for the decora format switch plus about 1/8". The Leviton I bought is much to wide to fit. Most of the other switches I have seen seem to be the same.

Completely willing to go with aeon micro switches or something similar and use my original switch but I can’t find any that perform as the remote switch.

Also is it ok to mix and match brands in a 3 way setup? Leviton main switch and something else as the remote switch?

Not if they are connected with physical traveler wires. Then you should always use the switches that are designed by the manufacturer to work together.

If it is a virtual three-way, so that each switch communicates to the hub and then the hub communicate to the master, then you can use whatever combination of brand you want.

if you rewire the original auxiliary switch so that it is not communicating via wires to the original master switch, AND it is not controlling the load to the fixture, then you could use an aeon micro in the auxiliary and set it up as a virtual three-way. Basically you’re just capturing the button push. The problem with that is that if your home automation system is not working, then pushing the auxiliary won’t do anything at all. That’s OK for some use cases, but not others.

What’s the exact width of the space that you have to work with?

Thanks for the info. Yes I would ideally like to use the current wiring for my existing dumb dimmer set up.

I will get back to you with the width.

1 5/16ths. Pretty narrow but currently has a full size switch but it’s dumb so the back is not any wider than the switch front and there is no metal bezel.

That’s really narrow. :disappointed_relieved:

The Cooper designer series, like the 9501DW, is considered a narrow switch, but it still 1.8"

Well thanks for the help. I will have to noodle on the problem for a while.

Can you post a picture of the current switch in place?

As you can see awkward spacing.