Namron Z-wave switch 400W

Hi, anybody know the the device handler for this 1-ch switch (only on/off function) - i bought 2 without checking here first and i cant find anything about Namron here.

All certified Z wave devices should be listed on the official products website, and you can check the command classes there. In this case,

It should work with a generic Z wave dimmer device type handler for basic dimmer functions.

Hi and thank you for the reply. I am aware of what you are informing me about. The smartthings see it, but it want operate correct on/off, I have tried many different"switches" under device handlers, but it wasn’t operating
Maybe this is a very new product that just haven’t been Incorporated yet, and again this is not a dimmer, it is a one ch switch.

Can you provide more details? Is it turning ON when you tap on the OFF tile, or is it not working at all?

Have you tried the “Z-Wave Metering Switch” device handler?

What model number is it?

They don’t have a certified switch, they only have a dimmer and a scene controller:

I’m thinking it’s this device:

Yeah, I saw that offering, model number 715 instead of 710. But the 715 doesn’t have a published conformance statement, so there’s no telling what it would work with.

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Thank you for all your replies while i was sleeping, yes this is Norway and the switch is the one that [johnconstantelo] is correctly pointing out. When i am choosing some of the handlers, it will go into the state “turning OFF” for a long time, but nothing happend to the switch.

You can also check the command classes in:

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Understand, but i am not there yet, if you are thinking about makeing a device handler myself.

Not at all, I was just trying to facilitate others who might be able to take one look and say what should work, or be able to see any parameters that might need changing from their default settings.

I don’t speak Z-Wave but I would have expected it to pair as a generic ‘Z-Wave Switch’ or ‘Z-Wave Relay’, or something like that. Which device handler was it assigned when it was paired?

When you use the button on the switch to turn it on and off, do the changes appear in the SmartThings app?

It found it as Z-Wave Switch Secure, as Z-Wave relay it disappears and as Z-Wave Switch it shows up but dosen’t do anything when trying to turn OFF.

It appears in the smartthings app yes - but like said it just stays in ON state

If it’s already off, can you turn it on from the app? And can you turn it off from the wall switch? Or from the button on the micro?

H, i am not planning to use it with a wall switch, but i can make a jumper and test that if it makes any difference, this is only to be used by z-wave communication - and it is always on in the app menu

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In that case, it might be the wiring, or even a defective device.

So set up the jumper and first make sure that it literally can be turned on and off. Then set it up to be off and see if you can turn it on in the app.

just jumped it an measured that it broke the one correct phase, so it works with a switch, i see that the only handler that give me something is the Z-wave dimmer switch generic, it gives me Turning Off for a long time when i try to turn it off, but of-course this is also wrong since it is showing ON when it is now OFF

Just tried the Dome On Off Plug handler and that s actual the only handler that gives me the correct stat OFF, but i cant turn i on

I am starting to think i need a minimum 8 Volt in on the switch terminal for this to work, i am not sure what these pulse switches is giving out ?

Have you checked with Namron support?