Namolc integration (May 2021)

Post any reviews/comments/questions on the Namoic integration that was added to ST in May 2021.

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You really meant to write Namolc. (Non capital L)

@Andremain have you seen this?

It really looks promising. But what devices does it propose when you try to add it? - OK, I see Other…


Yes i have. This is how i found the website :

However it just wont load for me when i try to open it.

Also i cant find any products for this integration. When i try to add my account it just gives me a wrong credentials error. I hope this is a glimpse into a future where broadlink is added as i have been nagging them on their support and twitter for months now…

Interesting, if you switch the language at the bottom of the (non-loading) page to english, it just re-directs you to the website

The integration references the Namolc app and then the AIHeat app. The Namolc app doesn’t seem to be on Google Play at the moment but does seem to be on the Appstore. The AIHeat app doesn’t seem to be anywhere (unless I misread it).

Namolc is a trademark of Broadlink.

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I really hate when they do that. Why have 5 apps working on the same service? Acfreedom is also a broadlink app.

My AUX AC cannot be added to broadlink even though acfreedom uses the same damn service…

Also found this:

@Andremain, as it not showing in the Play Store, I guess that must be for a specific country, what non of us from.

@mvevitsis, are you from South Korea? Can you check there?

Hey, nope it is not showing up for me either. Following up the link from the browser also wont open it. I tried both from my UK and my US google account. I suspect that it may have been removed and will be brought back after some time. Also @GSzabados are you using Broadlink as well? What are you trying to do?

I am not from Korea I just can read Korean

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Sorry, I just thought as you were saying before that you have/had the Mini Voice Assistant Speaker from Samsung. (If I remember correctly…)

Nothing fancy, just turn on and off a CD player. (I know, old-school…)

I do have 5 of them.

They’re the English language version though. I don’t have the Korean one.

How? Have you hoarded them from Ebay, or bought 5 Galaxy Phones? :laughing:

I bought some extra beta units off eBay. I don’t think the product will ever be released officially.

No i mean do you have broadlink devices that you want to connect?

I have an old RM Pro, I believe. And I would like to use the IR to turn on and off the CD player.

Or what else do you mean?

(I think there should be some basic workaround to send IR signal from the RM Pro when some data passed to it directly but I haven’t researched this subject. It is not on the top of my TO-DO list.)

Ok so the namolc integration does not work for us. I think we need to wait for the Broadlink one

You can now find Namolc on the Play store

So, any good for BroadLink?