"Name's Phone is Registered" but never senses presence

Hi everyone,

Weird issue. I added my roommate’s to my ST setup so that presence works for both of us, but no matter what I do, I cannot get his phone to work as a presence sensor. I’ve tried the steps in the debug, rebooting the phone, removing and re-adding it, etc. He’s on an iPhone, I’m on an Android. In both our apps it looks like this:

  • :white_circle: Chris’s Phone is Registered
  • :tennis: Jimmy is Present (or Away, mine works, pretend the tennis ball is the green indicator in the app)

It’s not that it isn’t finding his presence; it’s like it’s not completely configured. Anyone seen this? Thanks!

Hey Jimmy. I implore you to reach out to support for this.


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Thanks April! I will do so.

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There is a long thread here about iPhones not working as presence sensors. I finally gave up and removed my son’s phone from ST and put the presence fob back on is key chain.
It appears the app on his phone doesn’t do anything unless he opens the app, then presence is detected. Once he leave the app it appears to be shuffled off into a suspended state and his phone’s whereabouts becomes a mystery.

What you will soon learn is that when @April ‘implores’ - it is not really request… rather it is the beginning of mountains moving and rivers diverting.

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Aaron helped me fix it! So definitely listen to April when she gives a suggestion to contact support!

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