NA02 servers down again?

I seem to be having issues almost daily. rebooting the hub seems to help for a bit.
actually i cant even log into the ide…

I haven’t noticed a problem all day … though I’m mostly in and out of NA01.

I presume by “East” you’re referring to NA02?

We need a short convention to refer to these servers…

how do you know what server you’re on?

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I am on na02, haven’t seen an issue yet.

According to @slagle , there’s no direct way to find out.

NA=North America

NA01 and NA02 do not represent East and West as far as your SmartThings account location – – instead, initially there was only NA01 and when it reached capacity in the fall of 2015, they added NA02.

(The “east” you’ll see in some of the URLs and error messages has to do with where the Amazon Web services server is located, not where your account is located.)

If your account was created before September 2015 and you are in the US or Canada, you are probably on NA01.

If your account was created in 2016 and you are in the US or Canada, you are probably on NA02.

If your account is in the UK, You are probably on the EU shard.

If you are using any of the standard device handlers that are eligible to run locally, you can check by going to the direct links for the different shards. Your account will open, but the list of local devices will be empty until you find the shard your account is actually on.

The following article in the community – created wiki lists all the possible links:

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The most direct / consistent way I know of to find out your Shard: (correct me if I’m wrong…)…

  1. Go to:

  2. No matter which is your Shard, this will always bring up a list of your Locations.

  3. Select one. It will then immediately redirect your browser to the distinct URL for your Account’s Shard (probably with a login prompt if your Account is not on the NA01 Shard).

  4. Accounts never change Shards! (so far)… Thanks @beckje01 for clarifying: Technically, Accounts are “global” (i.e., you can login to your Account on any Shard and will only see Shard resident information…) i.e., Locations are really what live on a particular Shard (and Devices and SmartApp Instances all belong to a specific Location!). Eventually, SmartThings may migrate Locations from one Shard to another, but Shard handling needs to be more transparent before that will be practical. Too many SmartApps and Device Types, etc., etc., grab the Shard Address once, and are not prepared for it to move!


Thank you, much appreciated

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