N00bs guide to ST & GD00Z (Garage Door Controller)

I believe if you have a Liftmaster/Chamberlain opener with a “smart control panel” (motion sensor and/or temp display), then you need to switch it out for a basic momentary switch in order to use the GD00Z. The reason is that when you have a smart control panel, it is using some encoded transmission on the 2-wire connection to the door opener (since it can tell the opener to turn on the lights, or open the door, or both).

Yea I got a dumb transmitter already. Just a push button. I also tried to totally disconnect the wires that go into the door opener and just put the ST unit and it does the same thing. I mean this whole connection process is pretty straight forward and everything is operating properly except for the door opener. Like I said when the door opener is engaged I see the up arrow then the down arrow flash and…bubcas .

By the way who could I call to get more information. Really did not see a technical support number in the manual.

Great thread! I just got mine over the weekend, but with all the trouble SHM and other things going on, I’m kind of afraid to install it until it quiets down. I’ll probably try this weekend if everything else has gotten better.

I have two of them and not sure I will be able to use them since I have two Liftmaster openers

This thread is pretty old, but may help start your searching.

Did not really see anything that I am looking for. Here is now what I am trying to do…So I think there is a better solution but just not an electronics expert to figure it out. First of all I am wondering what actually comes from the ST device. Does it send actually voltage? What I am trying to do is actually use a remote instead of hooking it up to the opener. That way you can put the device anywhere. I noticed that on the remote all the button does is close the circuit between two circuits. Just trying to figure out how you can take what comes from the GD00Z and use that to close the circuit. That way if you have a MyQ device you can keep the motion and the temperature sensor. So the button on the remote straddles 4 circuit point on the remote. when you press the button it shorts the upper to the bottom circuit and opens or closes the door. if I take any wire and put it on two of the points, one upper and one lower where the button sits it opens and closes the door. If I put a wire one the other side it begins to open the door and when I take it off it closes the door… My problem is I don’t know what comes from the ST device, voltage or what, and if I did where would i solder the wires to.

If you open the device you will find that it’s basically a mimolite relay like this one.

I recommend you connect the thing to your hub, hook the wires to a multimeter, and see what you get when you send it a signal.

I can do this, but I’m not at home. I’ll check it out tonight.

I did try that. I would assume it would be millivolts. but really did not see anything. I know that it is working because when I had it hooked to my garage door I did see the lights on the garage door flicker but nothing happen. I would appreciate if you can tell me what you see and how you got it hooked up

No problem. I haven’t been following the thread, what kind of garage door opener do you have?

Can you take a picture of the remote circuit board?

Here is the top and the bottom. looking at the image of the top. if you take a wire and put it vertically across the right side of the right button it opens/closes the door . if you do it to the left of the right button it opens or closes but as soon as you pull it off the door goes back down or up.

What happens if you momentarily place the wire on the right side? Does the door continue to open/close? Or does it reverse?

if you put it on the right side it open or closes and then on the left it reverses.

Understood. On the right side, if you put the wire there and then pull it right off, what does the door do?

it continues to open or close

Ok, that is where I would put the wires.

I would do this first…

Connect the Zwave controller to st. Hold the wires to the terminal connections. Do this to make sure the device is not causing the remote to inadvertently signal the door.

If after touching the wires there and nothing happens, put them back on and have the app signal a door open command and then a door close command. See what happens.

These are my concerns -

  1. loss of device options. Will the device be able to trek the state of the door? Sync issues?
  2. reliability, reliability, reliability. It wasn’t designed for this so there is no telling what will happen
  3. damage to the Zwave device. You could not measure a voltage on the wires, but that 3 volt battery could back feed into the device, damaging it.
  4. why not just hang it on the ceiling next to you door controller?

Because it is a liftmaster. I hook it into the system. The controller device sends the command to open or close the door. The buttons on the garage door light up but nothing happens. I tried disconnecting the wires that go to the the manual opener and try it again…same thing. The door opener is one of those MyQ. I have seen where people have used relays and a whole bunch of other stuff but I am not savvy enough to do that. I have already tried to hook the wires to the remote and as soon as I do so door opens or closes. Just like shorting it out with a wire by itself.

What’s the model number of your for door opener?

Liftmaster 41D7675