n00b needs help with code! + suggestion

(Nat) #1

I am something of a coder, but it’s way too early for me to create my own on this platform, so…I’ve been editing code for different apps to do what I want, but there isn’t code available for the “Once a Day” smartapp. Can anyone provide it?

If anyone’s listening, the kinds of things I’m creating for myself are what you might call singletons: on at sunrise (eliminating the off at sunset) & vice-versa. I want to create a “Once a Day” that’ turns something on once a day (& not off) – & another that’s turns stuff off once a day (without the on part). These provided two-command things (on/off) can be great, but they don’t work for me; I’d like to see some simpler, one-way apps. Anyone else?

(Im Brian) #2

You can schedule() with cron syntax. Documentation here: https://smartthings.zendesk.com/entries/21603495-Optional-SmartApp-Main-Methods