MyTouchSmart by GE Integration?


Seeing a Black Friday deal for these lines of switchs and outlets. They are controlled by an app, not by Z-Wave or Zigbee, similar to the Kasa/TP Link swiches. I searched on the forums and on Google but am not finding any DTH’s. Anyone have any ideas on how to integrate these into ST? Thanks!


I haven’t seen anything specific to those models. There are a couple of options you can consider. See the FAQ ( this is a clickable link):

Thanks JD. I had seen that posting but didn’t see any mention of the MyTouchsmart app. I have Wemo and TP Link working well with ST so there’s probably just a little magic that needs to happen by people much brighter than I in order to make it work as well as TPLink and Wemo! Thanks for the reply!

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