Mystery of the missing Aqara button

Hi. I have (or had) an Aqara mini switch which vanished a couple of weeks ago. Witnesses (my in-laws) saw my one year old playing with it while he was in their care, but he seems to have made it completely disappear, as only a toddler can do. Despite some interrogation, i.e. showing him a picture of it and and asking him about it’s whereabouts, he’s decided to invoke his right to remain silent on the matter.

We’ve looked everywhere. I wondered if it’s still in the house so checked the device status in the app and IDE. It’s showing as online which is encouraging, but can that status be trusted? The reason I’m sceptical is that it’s stopped working/become disconnected from the hub previously, as they do, and I had to re-add it. When it dropped off I’ve a feeling it said it was still online.

The IDE is also showing activity at 2023-01-01 11:59 AM GMT, which is after it went missing. Could that be a sign that it’s still connected? Anyone know of anything that can be done to test if it’s truly online?

Use the API to view the device status (e.g. in the CLI do smartthings devices:status {{id}} -y or use Todd’s API browser tool) and look at the timestamp for the battery capability.

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