Mystery Device?

The other day, when I went to trigger one of my hello home commands, I noticed something odd. When SmartThings listed the devices it turned off there was a device that isn’t actually one of my devices. I’ve attached a screenshot to show what I’m talking about. There is a device listed called “Gggggg”. I have no idea what this is and it is definitely not something I’ve created. I can’t seem to figure out why SmartThings keeps mentioning it when it lists the devices that are being turned off. Any idea why this is occurring?

In the IDE under my devices look and see if any label or device name is called Gggggg

That was my first thought too. I checked IDE and couldn’t find anything that had that name anywhere.

Dang it Sean… please stop turning off my light! Trying to get some work done in my G-room and all of a sudden the lights go out at 9:28.

Did you recently rename or delete a device?

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Maybe check your smartapp configs in IDE for accidental use of a virtual device? Sometimes easy to miss deselecting virtual devices when setting smartapp preferences in IDE.

I would suggest just contacting support. I contacted them this morning, had someone available to me immediately (online chat). Doesn’t always happen that way, but no complaints when it does! :smile:

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