Mysterious device: 00 removed twice

Hi guys, last 3 days I fought with yet another V2 Hub corrupting devices mesh network.
First of all, I am not sure of my use of terminologies so work with me. Things went south when a repeater (Aeon lab) failed. Like it completely died, but I didn’t realize it was dead until I started to exclude devices one by one.

Through the course of removing the devices, I kept an eye on the “device event” log. And twice I saw mystery device 00 removed. They were excluded with an error “Another device was excluded…” on the app. I had to repeat the exclusion of the same device.

Is this normal? I have had this happened 2 times. 2 time where my whole network would stop working and forced me to re-exclude and include everything. They were 5 weeks apart. I am beginning to suspect that my HUB (v2 version) maybe faulty.

00 means a device that was not on the network previously was removed

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You should never have to exclude and reinclude all devices when a single device fails for any reason.

There will be instances where zwave devices fall off the mesh for one reason or another. Instead of excluding and reincluding (and redoing Smartapps), do a REPAIR instead.

You can repair any zwave device by going into it’s preferences (edit device) via the phone app and tapping on the red Replace button. I’ve done this a few times, and it works perfectly.

Afterwards, or whenever devices don’t perform as expected, do a zwave repair and look at the hub’s event logs in the IDE. There’s one particular event that identifies a dead device, and it has a message like “could not assign new route” or something like that. I’ll add a link to another discussion about those messages shortly.

Here’s the discussion I mentioned: (which includes a ton of other useful info)

And a brand new one just published today: