After going through my cable modem dying and losing ST security alarm which we had depended on, I really like the idea of the integrated scheduling of MSB. At this point if I had to choose I’d pick integrated scheduling over ST integration. If there was an option with both that would be ideal.

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I checked in with them and they are saying 1-2 years, once they merge the blinds app into the shades app. Basically, forget it.

Bwahahahahaha. Useless. Ok, do we have access to their source code so I can pay somebody to do it? Their hub barely keeps connection to Alexa and its an awful user experience.

I wish there was a way to use the Raspberry Pi (or some other interface) as the connection between their hub and ST’s (maybe it’s possible, but I’m for sure I don’t know how to do it.) Once the blinds shows up as “things” then we can automate them (WebCoRE, etc.)

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Can you imagine?! It would be blind setting utopia! It’s capable of doing SO much more than it does now. I have 18 of them and still need to buy 8 more. I have sun on 3 sides on 3 floors. It’s exhausting trying to manually adjust blinds.

The initial tech has served its purpose in solving that problem by the app but I waaaaant moooooooooore best little mermaid impression.

I was desperate enough to CONSIDER getting several Bonds and controlling them that way. But that’s crazy talk, right? Right?!

I have over 10 of them, so I completely understand. I have solar on each one and have only had to charge one set of blinds that apparently doesn’t get enough light. The rest of them have never been re-charged and I’ve had them for a few years. Luckily, their routines from within the app work fairly well (although during time changes, I have to re-save the routines.) It would be much more convenient for me to tie these into WebCoRE (I do have several Lutron shades and they were simple to connect with ST’s and are very reliable.)

My iblinds v3 just shipped

I don’t think the Bond hub can control MySmartBlinds. They’re Bluetooth not RF. I wish it would work!

Ok so after reading this thread for 3 years I have finally solved these problems.

  1. How do I shorten “Alexa, tell MySmartBlinds to open the blinds in the bedroom” ?

Go into the Alexa app. Click the hamburger and open Routines. Create a new routine. Set the trigger as something spoken. I have mine set to “Alexa, darkness”. Set the action to “Custom”. Set the custom action phrase to “tell my smart blinds to open the blinds in the bedroom”. Save it. Wait 60 seconds. Run it. Create one for opening.

  1. How do I integrate with SmartThings?

Go into the SmartThings IDE and create a device that is both a virtual switch and contact sensor. (Google how to do this). Create a routine as before but as the trigger action select smarthome and then the virtual contact sensor. Note that smarthome skill should be enabled and you did a device discovery and found your new SmartThings virtual devices.


It WAS working like this till a few months ago and when it stopped I talked to Mysmartblinds and they said that wasn’t their functionality and that’s on Amazon (even though it had been working for months).

Since then, I’ve gotten used to speaking the mouth full of garbage for a command. I just tried it again the shorthand way as you’ve suggested and it still doesn’t work.

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ah, sorry, I thought this was the iBlinds thread. I’ll delete my comment to avoid confusion.

If you want a more natural Alexa command for the mysmartblinds Alexa skill, you can create an Alexa routine that has a custom command. So you can create a routine that is triggered by “Alexa, open the bedroom blinds” and it runs the custom command “Alexa, tell my smart blinds to open the bedroom window”, or what have you.


Thanks for the tip! This approach works except when the state of the blinds gets out of sync with the virtual switches (e.g. because they automatically close at sunset and neither Alexa nor SmartThings know about it). Any idea how to keep the state in sync?

I was able to integrate MySmartBlinds with HomeKit using Homebridge so I’m very surprised that no one has built a SmartApp to do the same in SmartThings. Is there some technical limitation for doing that? I wonder if I can use Homebridge as the proxy.

Could you set up Smartthings to close the blinds at sunset instead of using the Mysmartblinds scheduling?

I had an ST device handler that was pretty awesome, but it stopped working about a year ago because Mysmartblinds blocked all network traffic to their web API that was coming from the Smartthings cloud.

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I thought about that option but when I use SmartThings to open/close the blinds I hear Alexa responding from the Echo device I chose in the routine. Also, I find the built-in sun following automation on MySmartBlinds to be very reliable and I suspect introducing two separate cloud services into the mix will regress that. Guess I will have to keep begging MySmartBlinds/Tilt to actually live up to their promise and add proper integration with SmartThings (wishful thinking, I know). Thanks for all the help and advice!

Yeah, I purchased an Amazon “Echo Input” for about $10 and use it to run all the custom Alexa commands where I don’t want to hear Alexa respond. (The device doesn’t include a speaker, and you can mute the mic on it.) I’m not sure if they still sell the device, but you could essentially do the same thing with a $15 echo dot when they go on sale.

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