Mysmartblinds Issues this evening? (March 27, 2019)

Anyone else having trouble with the Mysmartblinds bridge this evening? Mine is pulsing yellow and does not show up in the msb phone app…nor do any of my blinds. When I attempt to add the bridge to the app, it connects successfully, but then pulses yellow again and disappears from the app.

Is it just my account?

My bridge is back in the app, and some of my rooms and blinds are back, but not all of them.

Hopefully it’s fully recovered by tomorrow morning.

UPDATE: I’m was still missing a few rooms and blinds this morning. I was able to add the missing rooms to the app and add some existing blinds to the rooms that used to be in those rooms. But it looks like I will need to reset the motor hardware on each missing blind to pair them back. I will wait until the end of the day before doing that. But it looks to me like something happened to my cloud account or the cloud service.

UPDATE 2: mySmartBlinds support said there was a widespread issue that should now be resolved/restored. I still have two blinds missing. I’m waiting to see if mSB support can restore them rather than me resetting the hardware and manually re-pairing them.

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Love to have integration with ST, I guess that’s likely not happening any time soon…oh well.

It popped up in the SmartThings app a week or so ago and then went away. So might be sooner than later…

Interesting, thanks for the info…that might be a good sign…

MySmartBlinds support was able to resurrect my two missing blinds. Their email support was very responsive since I reported the issue late last night.