MyQ Lite smartapp vs Zigbee relay

I have recently seen some posts saying that they wired a zigbee relay switch (sonoff?) into their MyQ Garage door opener.

I am wondering if anyone can explain the pros/cons and feature differences between the zigbee relay vs using the MyQ lite smartapp (once it’s working again).

I know groovey is going away soon-ish.

MyQ is currently working for me? Not sure about the relay but I have been using MyQ Lite for years, mostly without issue :slight_smile:

Lucky you, as it seems the MyQ integration has been broken for most people for a while now.

I know I have been getting errors like others. The app author is making progress with fixing it.

With the uncertain future of the MyQ Lite smartapp, I decided to go this route (zigbee relay wired to my MyQ garage door opener).

I’ve found that it works very reliably, but you need to keep in mind that your automations will need to check a garage door sensor for open or closed before triggering the relay (i.e., ‘Close My Garage Door’ will need to check the sensor to make sure it’s open before triggering the relay). The relay will be running as a momentary switch, so it will only turn on for a second to effective press the garage door button, and then will turn back off. So you can’t use it to determine the state of the garage door.

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Which relay are you using? I bought a ZooZ Zen16 in preparation to do this same thing and run both in parallel until MyQ integration ends.

Like you figured I would be good to have a backup that doesn’t need a smart app to allow it to work. Just automations.

This is what I’m using.

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@JFry or anyone really…I have the MyQ opener with the bridge. Do you know if it’s possible to keep the myq bridge (for amazon in garage deliveries) and add the zigbee relay for ST control or would I have to pick one or the other?

It would work with both. The relay basically just presses your garage door opener for you.

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Can you point to installation instructions?

I’ll give you info on how I did it when I get home in a little while.

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What I did was locate the button that opens/closes my door, then flipped the board over to see the connections. When I shorted out the two corner connections shown, the switch was activated and the door opened.

I then soldered two wires to those connections and wired them to the relay as shown. So when the relay is turned on, the connection is shorted.

This particular relay can be configured to act as a regular switch, on or off, or as a momentary switch, on for a second, then turns off. You need a momentary switch for this to work properly.

Does that help?

Yeah. Thanks. It looks like you’re using a remote? I was hoping to be able to wire the relay into the actual opener or the wall switch.

Yes, I just used one of my spare remotes, but you could probably do the same thing with the wall switch. Let us know which way you decide to go!

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I purchased this button from Garadget to use with a Zigbee relay. I put it and the relay into a plastic food storage container on top of my GDO. Wires in parallel with existing wall button.


Just thought I’d share a couple pictures of my setup to show another way to do this.

I used a ZooZ Zen16 relay so it’s not 100 percent future proof as it still requires a Smartthings custom DTH. I’m banking on a edge driver to be made for this device. It connected right up to my hub and gave me 4 controllable switches.

I connected the Zen16 to a spare opener I had (like others have).
I also added a DC to DC converter that reduced the 12 VDC from the Zen16 power adapter to 3.0 VDC for the garage transmitter.

Soldered up the leads, stuck it all in a project box and taped to Zen16. Plugged it in and stuck it in the garage overhead. I could have had the whole setup anywhere in the house as my garage is close enough the remote transmitter easily reaches . I just put it in garage overhead out of the way.

Just though I’d share to give others another example.


Hello JFry

I will buy one. But to add this device, do you need to add the device hander to smartthings ? Or it will connect automatically?

I also found the two channel. If i buy 2 channel, will it work?

I can’t speak to how well the 2-relay version works or how it shows in SmartThings. The 1-relay model shows as a single switch, so I assume this one would show as two separate switches, but I’m not sure how that would work with a single device unless you had a custom dth. But I just don’t know.

I did something similar but used the gocontrol garage door unit.

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