Myq Camera and Amazon Blink Mini (UK)

Hi all

Does anyone know if the Liftmaster/Chamberlain Myq garage camera is the same as Amazon Blink Mini.
The two look very similar.

If not is the blink mini compatible for use in the Myq system. UK based please.


Not the same, not compatible.:disappointed_relieved:

It is very common for Chinese factories to offer their clients the exact same external cases even when the internals are quite different. It’s a money saving move so you see it most often in the budget lines.

In the US, we would check if they were the same device by looking for the FCC license number. I don’t know what the UK equivalent would be.

OK thanks

It was my guess, but they look so similar. And Myq info here in the UK is so sparse its difficult to know.

The external cases may very well be identical. But the radios and firmware inside can be quite different.


Shame really. I may see if my ring camera works with MyQ