MyEcobeeInit bug with too many Ecobee thermostats (15)

I think I’ve found an interesting bug in MyEcobeeInit. I believe it cannot handle more than 14 thermostats. In my use case I have many locations, and MyEcobeeInit throws an exception.

I believe the offending line is this one, online 779:
atomicState?.thermostatList = stats

Per this article (Storing Data With State — SmartThings Classic Developer Documentation), when the character limit has been exceeded, a
physicalgraph.exception.StateCharacterLimitExceededException` will be throw. I am getting that exception in the log.

error java.lang.SecurityException: Getting properties on class physicalgraph.exception.StateCharacterLimitExceededException is not allowed (getThermostatInfo)

Would anyone have any workaround ideas?

@yvesracine any idea?


Hi, unless the StateCharacterLimitExceededException has changed (usually 100 000 characters), I doubt that the *thermostatList (*even with 15 tstats) will reach that limit.

You haven’t specified which version of MyEcobeeInit you’re using, so I suspect that you’re using an older version

I’d recommend the following :

  • First, download the latest version (as some performance improvements have been made this year) ;

  • Second, if you have 15 tstats, this is likely a commercial usage. I’d then strongly suggest to contact me at for consulting services.


I am using the 12/27/2020 version and will email you. Via several hours of testing, I can confirm that the exception above is thrown on the line above.

Hi, there is likely a state corruption (which is a ST platform issue, not my code), and the line you specified may not be the cause.

Please contact me and describe your commercial use cases and I will come up with some workarounds based on my consulting services package at my store.