My weekend project: view mesh data

I had some extra time this weekend so decided to see if I could do something useful with the mesh data that was recently added to the IDE.

The result is a smartapp that gets details about zigbee and zwave devices and presents it in a sortable and filterable table:

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the data for routes in the API, so this was implemented as a groovy app that uses the API (using just a personal access token so far) to get some device detail and html scraping of the IDE (running in the user agent) to get detail for the routes and metrics that isn’t available in the API.

JavaScript libraries: axios, jQuery, DataTables

Additional Credit to ST Community: Some of the work by @tonesto7 and @coreylista on ST-Community-Installer helped me understand how to resolve a few technical issues/limitations encountered for this project.


Very cool! I was thinking of writing something like to scrape the IDE, but I didn’t think to do it in a SmartApp.

Yeah. Using a groovy SmartApp (and client-side processing) avoided some of the messy credential handling that might otherwise be required.

Hopefully the data currently only in the IDE will be exposed via the APIs at some point so better architectures could be used for this sort of thing.


It is easy to share the SmartApp?

The smartapp is not in a state where it can be made public just yet…
If there is enough interest I will see what i can do in that regard.

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