My Top benefits with v2 - READ because added features, you are missing out!

(Bobby) #1

It seems to me that is a lot easier to spot deficiencies then it is to spot the improvements! And YES, the recent changes have brought plenty of the latter kind!

Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Smart Home Monitor - a great addition to the SmartThings apps family. Knowing that “Everything is OK” is a great way to check what is going on around your home at night or when you are away. Besides the basic security like features, you also have multiple options to set custom visual or sound notifications.
  2. Smart Light - combining a gazillion of stand alone apps was a great idea. No need to clutter your screen with a bunch of apps. You now have one folder that contains all of your favorite lighting automation. And when you add the possibility of running these apps without internet, definitely makes it a killer app!
  3. One hidden feature that makes possible to automate routines, which otherwise used to be manually triggered, is the optional “when these switches are off” under the “automatically perform - routine - when”. Awesome addition!

What is your favorite new feature?


Text labels for the “things.” :sunglasses:

(Marc) #3

Rooms - You can now have a single device in a room (former group). Once we are able to add the same device to multiple rooms, it will be perfect.


Have a Master Device for each room. I.E., The Camera active view.

Dito on the “Smart Lighting” Local Rule Engine!

(Ron S) #5

The human living/breathing devices in this community which integrates so well with the v2.

(Tracy) #6

Rooms and featured devices
Also the Smart Home Monitor if I get to choose 2 favourites :smile:

(Ray) #7

Custom icon for all device types.