My "strange" use of ST :)

I have a huge problem with crows in, on and around the bird feeders. IN the Winter I get upwards of a 100 at one time. I placed a AEON Siren (the ones that IMHO are not all that useful anyway) in the yard and created a virtual switch to turn on. Using an Echo - “turn on CROW” and they are gone.

I also have a cam monitoring the backyard, it feeds into the AV port on the main TV (no recording). I’ve had this for years and an old harmony remote that would switch the ports. Using a ST and a Harmony hub I added a routine that switches it and also turns on the rear spotlight. Also a one word Echo command. I also run the spotlight with a minimote and on for a minute then off.

Very high on the WAF

I just need to add an RC vehicle or Drone to chase the unwanted critters.


You should YouTube this. I’m sure there r ppl who’d like to see it


Get the drone… Arm it… Go to war!

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I’m thinking some kind of water valve connected to a sprinkler or something would do too :slight_smile:

I can imagine you probably sit down watching and waiting, then yelling out “TURN ON CROW!”

You don’t get any complaints from the your neighbors for sounding that siren?

I can’t even hear it inside so doubt if they can.

As to the sprinkler idea - below freezing … But they would probably come for shower :slight_smile: