My SmartThings for Advanced Users (SmartThings Advanced Web App)

I am not sure I can offer a ‘why’ as such, but there is nothing new or unusual about it. It is simply that most native tools are Location centred so it is easy not to be aware of the devices that aren’t in Locations.

The ‘mobile as a thing’ device represents your mobile or tablet as a device in itself. It appears to be a ‘User Device’, whatever that means specifically, in the API parlance and sits outside of any Locations. It is the parent device of the mobile presence devices which are created in each Location where presence sensing has been enabled.

Does it have any function apart from being glue in the architecture? No idea.

Except that not every device that is enabled for location tracking has both a “mobile as a thing” device and a “SmartThings-smartthings-Mobile_Presence” device.

You can see all the mobile presence devices in all the Locations that you are a member of. However you can only see the ‘mobile as a thing’ devices that you own. Sorry, I forgot to mention that.

I am used to seeing them listed like this but three of those are placeholders …

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Got it, thanks!

Excellent point. Very disappointing that we are now just 8 days away from losing access to the old portal and Samsung has still not supplied the ability to run VITAL utilities in the new Web App. Nor are these utilities listed in the latest version of my iOS ST app. Feels like they are abandoning these tools. That will end my 8yr relationship with Smartthings if they do.


Is it possible to run a Z-Wave repair from this tool?

I’ve found the mobile app to be temperamental at best, much better executing through graph. This a must for the new Adv Web App!

Zwave repair is already in the app, Hub, 3 dots top right, settings

I can struggling with finding the old “Hub Utilities” etc - need to rebuild/reset my z-wave network…

Zwave repair is already in the app, Hub, 3 dots top right, settings

I must be missing something, because I can’t find any “⋮” menus anywhere…

Which app are you referring to? This thread is about the “SmartThings Advanced Web App” at

It looks like the basic Web App ( does have some limited “⋮” menus, but no access to Z-Wave Repair or Include/Add or general Exclude.

You need to use the Mobile App, open Hub icon, click 3 dots in top right, and select settings.

Right… I was just trying to cast a vote for implementing Z-Wave repair / general exclusion / include/add-device in the Web App. Repair and general exclusion were in the old web API and were very useful there.

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Paul - thanks - world like a charm

Having just started playing with the new web interface, I thought I’d throw down my list of annoyances

  1. This needs a persistent cookie/keep me logged in feature.

  2. The number of rows setting to be displayed in the devices list should persist until I change it. It’s currently resetting to 10 each time I return to the list.

  3. Ditto above for the last column sort. If I sort by a given column in a particular order, look at a device, the go back in the browser, the sort order is reset to the device name column.

  4. Last position viewed in the list should be shown when using Back in browser. If I page thru devices to find a particular one, click on it to view it, then go back I end up back at the top of the list (with the default sort order and default number of rows displayed)


Yup! The number of rows/column sort thing is just AWFUL!


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I doubt. MySmartThings and advanced Users in the Web App just works well with displaying and configuring devices, though it has 2 different approaches for the UI.
It also shows Scenes (“manual routines” called in the phone app) and can execute (but not edit) them.
It completely fails with rules (or whatever they call it, automated routines).