My SmartThings Alarm Panel

Could also use facial recognition to unlock the android if your tablet supports it. I’ve had this Nexus tablet sitting around just waiting for me to do something with. I’m an ios guy but I think it fits this perfectly.

Yeah you could definitely do all of that with tasker. Personally I’m trying to keep the screen on as little as possible because I find it distracting. Otherwise I would just use the motion sensor in that room to turn on/off the screen.

I’m trying to come up with something to work with guests who are not set up as presence sensors, i.e.our babysitter.

EDIT: Thinking about this some more. I wonder if there’s a way to wake up the screen only when zone is triggered in Smart Alarm but before an actual alarm. With a 30 second entry delay, someone would open the door, the screen would wake up, they put in the disarm code. Boom. I believe Smart Alarm works with endpoints so it’s probably possible.

Love all the ideas here. I honestly don’t mind the motion setup. My tablet is in a hallway and only turns on when we get near it, and turns on quick too. For a more open area I can see the constant on off being a problem.

What app are you using for the motion detection?

I followed this

@jpetrone, I hope I am not jacking your thread :smile:
I am totally getting into this! One tweak I made in Tasker is to not need the passcode lock when in Stay/Bedtime or Disarmed mode, but it requires it if in Arm/Away mode.
I debated on having it on in Stay/Bedtime mode and my thought was if someone does open the door in Stay mode the alarm is going to go off immediately (waking us up) even it they get to the panel to shut it off.
I woke up at 5 this morning to let the dogs out and had to enter the passcode, then Disarm. Then enter the passcode and Arm when done. I know, it’s a simple process but when I am barely awake…lol


I just wanted to share my version of an alarm panel (inspired by this thread!). I used a tasker scene to create the UI. Otherwise, I used all the same tools as @jpetrone. When the system is armed, a pin code is required to get access to this panel. When disarmed, the screen wakes directly to the panel when motion is detected. One feature I added is an alert sound during exit delay or entry delay. This gives the user indication that they need to disarm the system or the siren will go off! This is for situations in which the system doesn’t disarm automatically when we arrive home. I pull current weather conditions from Aceweather. When the user touches the weather section of the UI, the Aceweather app opens to show the forecast for the week.

Screenshots of my panel:


please explain how do do this? I downloaded everything but have no Idea how to get the screen to look like yours?

Maybe I am missing it but do you have a step by step tutorial/ video? I downloaded everything but now how do I get it to look like yours? by the way great work but you already knew that!

@tedescoj no tutorial or really any in depth instructions were created. Whatever android device you’re using will need those apps mentioned above installed. Then with Tasker you should be able to import my exported, I guess they would be tasks into Tasker.

You’ll need to play around with Tasker and sharp tools, etc. To get a feeling for things.

Howd did you set up tasker to only trigger a task with a certain combo code? Im pretty good with tasker but haven’t been able to figure out a way to create a key-code profile.

@n2on2o, That’s my lockscreen I have it set to a PIN code.

@wolff1978, do you have any instructions on your implementation? I like the added functionality of the home screen and ST icon (I assume to launch ST app) Do you have a PIN code lock screen as well? What is the “Disarm Hold” for?



Would you be able to share your tasker export of you settings?

I created a Tasker Scene to make the Alarm Panel. I created custom icons and backgrounds. The background changes depending on the alarm arm status. Scenes in Tasker are so customizable, I just kept adding features as I went (e.g. weather forecast).

There is a pin code lock screen. When the system is armed, the Android system lock screen will pop up when the screen is waken. If the system is disarmed, the lock screen is disabled and the home screen pops up when waken.

The “Disarm Hold” is a toggle switch that ensures that the system doesn’t arm. Normally, the system arms and disarms automatically depending on phone location and time of day. However, I wanted a way to keep the system from arming so visitors wouldn’t have to deal with the system (e.g. house cleaner, visiting family).

Sure, what is the best way to do it? I’ve never exported settings. Should I also include all my custom icons and backgrounds?


To export your created profiles, long tap your profile and tap the menu button (the 3 vertical dots at the top right).

The same steps apply for Tasks and scenes.

Note: At the time of writing, this how to is based on Tasker 4.0

After you have exported your Tasker’s Projects, Profiles or Tasks, the xml file is saved at these location respectively:
Profiles : path_to_sdcard/Tasker/profiles
Projects : path_to_sdcard/Tasker/projects
Tasks : path_to_sdcard/Tasker/tasks

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please send me an export!

this is way over my head.

Thanks for posting this. I’ve been playing around with the settings but keep getting an alert that Tasker does not have any active profiles. I know event profiles are only active upon an event so is there anything i need to do to get SharpTools to talk to Tasker to trigger the event?

I believe I get that same notification. In sharp tools you need to give sharp tools control of things and there js also a spot in sharp tools to subscribe to the states of things. I forget the word it uses, subscribe, follow, favorite, something.