My Smarthings works with Alexa, My fan works with Alexa, how do I get my fan to work with SmartThings?

I have Alexa able to control my ceiling fan and light. I have Alexa connected to my my Smartthings. But I can not connect my ceiling fan and light to my Smartthings. Is there a way to have Smartthings to tell Alexa to control my ceiling fan and lights?

To be able to help you were going to need to know more about how your ceiling fan is connected what sort of controller are you using I believe The saying is the 1st rule of home automation is model numbers matter


Sounds like you have a echo plus, or some other type hub controlling you fan. As Bighoss said we will need more info. You can link some devices from other hubs to smart things, and you can link smartthings devices to Alexa. So it depends on what exactly you have as to what the process might be.

You can connect SmartThings devices to Alexa but you cannot connect Alexa devices to SmartThings. You have to connect your ceiling fan and lights to SmartThings. What model your devices are?

Without knowing more info, and assuming the OP is using an Alexa Enabled ceiling fan, he could create a virtual switch/sensor in ST. Add that virtual device to Alexa. Alexa will see the sensor and he can create a routine in Alexa that turns on the ceiling fan when Alexa sees that the sensor is open/closed.

With Webcore there are other options as well.

A virtual switch/sensor like this should work

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To clarify the above responses:

  1. Are you referring to a ceiling fan + light combination? Or are you talking about two separate devices?
  2. What make and model fan and light do you have?
  3. Which Alexa device(s) do you have? Be specific (for instance, if you have one or more Echo…which Echo(s) variant(s)?)

Search the forum for “Universal Device” and how to set up or use it.

This is a virtual device that converts input from one device type into another. In your case it could be a switch in Smartthings that appears as a sensor for Alexa. The you can define a rule for Alexa for an action when e.g. the sensor opens turn on the fan.

You might need to share the code, because I just searched, and if you are referring to this one, it is no longer available:

If all you want is to use an echo routine, you don’t need to use the old Universal device type handler. Instead, the community FAQ for using echo routines with smartthings includes the code for a device which is both a switch and a sensor at the same time. That allows you to turn it on and off using either smartthings or Echo but also have an Echo routine (not a smartthings routine) think it is a sensor and trigger off of it that way.

FAQ: Can I trigger an Echo Action without Speaking to It?

All of that said, we still need the original poster to indicate the model of the fan. The options which are available will depend on that.

And they won’t be able to use any device type handler for the fan if there’s no way to connect the fan to smartthings.

However, they may be able to use either IFTTT or an echo routine or a device like the bond remote as a “man in the middle.“ But it all depends on the model number. :sunglasses: