My Scenes have all gone missing [January 2021]

If you’re going to do that. You’re better off creating ones with nonconflicting names for the moment. Like maybe prefix them all with TEMP - (I feel you, I’m in the same boat, I’m still missing at least 6 of mine…) The scenes still exist in your system you just can’t see them in the app - heck if you’re using a voice assistant you can still trigger them. So your naming concern is justified.

Occasionally I’d rather trigger via the app… I like the “TEMP” name suggestion.

@vlad - can you take a look at my ticket? I’ve had the same issue for months. Although the missing scenes still work, scenes that were set to sunrise are triggered at the sunrise time when the scene went missing and not the current sunrise time. Ticket 1151998

@nathancu @vlad

So I just figured out that I can’t create workaround “temp” scenes since many of the devices required apparently have “unknown actions” for them, which are also present in several of my (non-missing) scenes. Just wanted to share the joy.

I’d like to add that some of my scenes went missing too… Didn’t really care until i needed to use them. Webcore still triggers them via ID but no button in the smartthings gui

All my scenes disappeared few days a go - but the routines are fully functional. Did anyone figure a fix?