My remote ceiling fan setup + a few questions about dimming

I just installed a Hunter ceiling fan that came with a remote. It is a 3 wire fan, Lights, Fan and Common.

This is how I have it setup for remote control of both the lights and fan.

Wired up a GE zwave on/off switch wired to the lights of the fan.
Used the extra wire from the 14-3 to run a hot to the remote module in the fan to power it for the fan.

So I can remote zwave the lights, and RF remote the fan independently (will most likely get a Harmony Hub and remote the RF).

The fan came with 3 - 14 watt CFL (coil type) and I don’t really like them. Also with the On/Off there is no dim option.

I like the rocker style switch of the GE (have others in the house) but they do not make a current CFL/ LCD dimmer and want to keep the switches somewhat the same in the house.

I can go to HD and get a Levity DZMX1 that will dim the CFL or LCD but it is not a rocker switch.

My questions are…

  1. Is there a dimmer switch that is a rocker style that can dim CFL or LCD.
  2. If I do LCD it looks like I will only have 27 watts (3x9 w). Will a dimmer work?
  3. If the dimmer will not work with LCD any suggestions on CFL that are not the coil type?

My question for you is what makes you think you can control the fan’s RF control using a Harmony Hub?

Linear WD500Z-1 is a z-wave dimmer that is rocker style and handles CFL/LED. Very similar to your current GE, but the indicator light is green instead of blue (or vice versa) and the airgap is clear. Not sure if the dimmer will work or not with the low load as my Linear is connected to 16 LEDs.

Guess I am assuming that it will…my old Harmony remote had RF (not that I ever used it) and the new hub has it I think.

Need to read about it…worst case I might just install a 2nd switch.

My understanding is that the RF protocol used is only for communication from the remote to the hub for non-line-of-sight use. If it is otherwise I would be on it in a second as I have six fans with RF controllers.

I’ve had the wd500 work stupendously well with a single 9w sunset effects led. I’ll vouch for their similarity to the GE switches.

I guess I could wire the fan to the 3 speed z-wave switch that is out there and send the hot to the light…then use GE Link or Hue bulbs

While looking up the specs on the Logitech hub I found this…Coming soon.

Harmony Home Hub Extender makes it possible to control more home devices than ever with expanded ZigBee® and Z-Wave Plus™ compatibility.

Make sure you receive confirmation that the type/technology of dimmer you install is expressly ok for the fan — my understanding is that not all modern dimmers are healthy for fan motors. It might work. It might smolder a few months down the road.

The GE one I have now says for use with fan On/Off only…what is odd, it’s only an on/off switch, not a dimmer.