My personal experience using Smarthings

I have to say my life is easier with smartthings than without, having said that, I find smartthings is something else in my already busy life to watch and on occasion fix or improve. Having used the V1 hub for over a year and now the V2 hub, it is a big improvement, but not as much as most of us would like. An the App interface is much more User friendly, but still needs more tweaking.
I don’t really want to go into details, but just wanted to post this for anyone thinking about buying smartthings. First, if you want a simple plug and play system, then look into something else or use the scout alarm option. If you have some DIY traits and even a little technical knowledge, then smartthings can be a very versatile and useful system, but it will require care and attention. First start simple, get basic switches and sensors working well before expanding. Pay attention to the routines and smart apps you install and setup. I find most of my issues come from smart apps and routines countermanding each other or setup incorrectly. Be able to know when a problem is due to wifi or internet issues or smartthings.
I appreciate the flexibility and connectivity choices smartthings gives me in regards to home automation and security. This freedom comes with the responsibility to know your system and due a certain amount of troubleshooting yourself before blaming smartthings.