My motion sensor takes up to an hour to notify me

Is there any way to get an instant notification? This unit is of no value to me if it fails to notify me of a breach of the secured area instantly.

  1. What exact model of sensor are you using (in this case, it probably doesn’t matter, but you’ll be more likely to get assistance if you provide details)?

  2. Have you written to ? They are the official helpful support channel!

  3. What SmartApp (and/or Smart Home Monitor) are you using to monitor the motion sensor and/or issue notifications??

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I was unaware that there were different models, this one is called Smartthings Motion Sensor F-irm-us-2. Currently after owning it 2 days, rather than sending me a text at the time when an intrusion occurs, it sends me a text every hour on the hour saying that there has been an intrusion, when in fact the video cameras show nothing. There is no wind, no rain and no intrusion. I returned the first one thinking it was flawed. This is the second one and I’m beginning to believe that the sensors just don’t work as advertised. I am using the Samsung Smartthings hub. I am using a Swann security camera system which is operates as intended. I have tried calling Samsung tech support, but they were closed.

You are using SHM to notify you of an intrusion…By your post, it would appear that the motion is going off, sending you an alert and then reminding you of it every hour as mines does. You have to go into SHM and clear the alert or it will keep buzzing you until it does.

Now about the sensor, goto the sensor in the smartapp, then go to the recent tab. Here you should see how your motion is performing. You should see when there is a motion event and when motion became inactive.

You will then be able to better troubleshoot the sensor activities. It might just be a placement thing.


I’ll check that, thx. Mine has been going off since May 29 at 6:47a. I didn’t even buy the system until Tuesday at 1:10p May 30. I’m guessing I’m getting signals from a previous owner who probably turned it in for a similar reason. I’m now on Motion Sensor #2. Next I have to figure out how to acknowledge and then delete the Motion activity.

There are many z-wave and zigbee motion sensors made by other companies that work with ST.

I agree it sounds kinda like you’re receiving repeat notifications from an alarm event that you never cleared from smart home monitor. The timestamp discrepancy you mention seem weird though. It can’t have anything to do with the device being previously paired to a different hub though.

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I believe I figured out what was going on. I went to the community and
re-asked my questions. I then uninstalled my unit, then re-installed it and
deleted all the past messages. I think all this could have been avoided if
only someone at the store would have explained it to me, but they didn’t
know how it worked either. O well, I’m up and running now and I’ve even
purchased a 2nd one to harmonize with my smart cameras. All is good. Thx
for your help & responses.​

That’s why it is critical that you contact for any problems. They are super trained and helpful.