My kid's phone will not appear on wife's SmartThings find map

We recently got my son a phone (Samsung s23). I have all of our devices (my phone, wife’s phone, son’s phone, 2 smart tags) set up on SmartThings. My son and I can see everything. However, my wife cannot see my son’s phone on the find map. I have tried everything. Samsung support was useless. They can’t figure it out, and escalated the ticket 3 times before finally waving the white flag and giving up. I have also uninstalled everything and started over from scratch. Same result. My map shows dropdown for ‘My Devices’ (my phone and 2 smart tags), ‘Member Devices’ (my wife’s phone), and ‘Child Devices’ (my son’s new phone). However, my wife’s phone only shows dropdown for ‘My Devices’ and ‘Member Devices’. She cannot view my son’s phone as a member device, or a child device. If anyone has any ideas I’d be very grateful. Obviously we can’t be the first family where BOTH parents want to view their child’s device on the SmartThings find map. It is extremely frustrating that Samsung SmartThings support is baffled by this issue.

What type of phone is yours and your wife’s? You mentioned your son’s, but not those.

Are you using Find in the ST app or at

If you go into Routines in the ST app on her phone and do an If condition for Member Status, do all three phones appear there?

My wife and I have Samsung s22’s. When I go to routines on her phone I can see my son’s phone as part of an ‘If/Then’ rule. Again, the issue is that his phone is not visible on the ‘Find’ map on her phone. Everything else on all 3 of the phones is there. Just not the ‘Child device’ dropdown on her phone…which would make his phone visible on the map.

Do you all use the same ST login or do you have unique logins for each of you?

Since my son is a minor, I had to approve his set up by entering my credentials. My wife has her own unique log in different from mine. I suppose I am the admin for my son’s account/phone. I didn’t see a way to include a second parent anywhere…

Did you add your wife’s account to your Family group as described below?

Yes, she is already added in the family group. That’s a good thought though!

At this point, I’d hazard a guess that either 1) only the account that created the child account has the child relationship and therefore the child appears only for that user; 2) there is some secret incantation that allows you to add a second parent and it’s neither published nor known amongst the ST Support folks; or 3) it’s a bug that doesn’t allow other Family members to see the child account.

I think you’re going to have to try to escalate this to a higher level with support. What you are dealing with is app and platform functionality that goes beyond home automation support which this form’s members can help with or the engineering teams that monitor these topics.

Sorry, we can 't be of more assistance.

Thanks a lot for the reply! From what I was told by ST tech support, the phone should be visible on my wife’s find map. They just can’t give me an explanation why it isn’t, even after reviewing the current set up. Must be a bug…

So i literally just went through the issue myself. Pull up find, three dots top right. Allow child devices to be found, make sure it is checked. Her phone, menu bottom right, click setting, her account, then samsung apps and services. Click find, make sure it’s updated. I did this and got the results your looking for. Hope it fixes your problem.