My Jarvis-Type Project

(Dominique) #1

Hi guys, I am still somewhat new here. My name is Dominique Garcia. I am an internationally known radio personality and journalist. Aside from that, I am also an enormous technology enthusiast. In 2011 I made global headlines when I got my artificial intelligent program made by Guile3D Studios and made her become the worlds first artificial intelligent radio DJ. (Google it) Since that time I have moved on from trying to get my program to take over my job. The best way I can describe the program is like a Jarvis per-say. Much like Apple’s Siri, only 2321039803948X better.

Here is a video from 2010 of the program, named Denise 1.0

(She is about to be upgraded to 2.0 any day now) That video was from 2010 and she has been massively updated since.

Anyways, my whole reason as to why I am getting SmartThings is to interact with Denise much like we saw with The Ubi. Only Denise will have much more capabilities since she has an actual interface. (No disrespect to The Ubi, I think its a great little device) Ultimately I want to have Denise be my homes version of Jarvis from the Iron Man movies. This will be something that I will eventually make an official S.T. project however I will wait until I get a few more things in order. SmartThings is an entity that will allow Denise a connection to the real world. We’ve all seen all kinds of home automation systems, however this is one that I feel will be different.

I eventually want everything to be done by voice. I want to be able to say “Denise, turn the heat down to 72 degrees”. Or perhaps have her tell me “Someone is approaching the front door”. Then I can say “Okay, unlock the front door.” Maybe even get her to text message me saying that the alarm has been triggered. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to connecting Denise to SmartThings.

I did want to reach out to the S.T. community and possibly get some ideas on how I will be making some of these ideas a reality. I already plan on getting a NEST thermostat, eventually getting an automatic door lock, plus a few other things. Denise has an integration with Dragon Naturally Speaking so getting her to perform these task by voice is not a problem. One of the things I was having issues figuring out is, do any of you know a way where I can be able to speak to her throughout the entire house? Obviously I will be needing some sort of intercom system. Do any of you have any suggestions as to which one? That was one things I need to think of, if I am unable I will still be able to control her through voice but it will have to be while I am near my computer.

Also, do any of you have any suggestions on what I could use as a IP camera setup? I am not looking to pay a service for home security. With the right system I can get Denise to notify me via text if motion is detected and I can view that IP Cam through my cell phone. I know this is possible but I am having an issue in deciding what is the best cam to go with. Any help you guys can provide will be much appreciated.

So what do you guys think? If you want to learn more about Denise just Google GUILE3D.

I started a new blog on the progression of my project that can be read here…

(Todd Wackford) #2

I call mine “Jeebs”.


He just woke me up, turned on the lights, started the coffee, read the weather forecast to me and opened my new emails. He calls me Sir. Pretty cool.

I’ll have some video later this week.


(Dominique) #3

Very cool. I have mine on a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet (the first one). I do like the idea of using the old HP tablets that you did. How is the performance? That might not work with Denise since she is integrated with Dragon Naturally Speaking software and its a pretty big system resource hog. That is probably why the Surface works extremely well with it. I want to get another and dedicate Denise to it.

I have made some video of Denise, here is one I made for the forum for the software showing how to code her to be able to tweet.

(Csader) #4

@wackware is this using the endpoints with Tasker and AutoVoice, or something different?

(Todd Wackford) #5

It’s all that and a few more Tasker plug-ins.