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I have started blogging about my adventures with home automation, and SmartThings in particular. I’m trying to stay away from the “hello world” kind of low-hanging fruit (“Look how my lights come on in response to motion!”) and instead document the thought processes, hardware, and code involved in some specific use cases.

Part review, part tutorial, part diary, check it out!



BTW, The most likely reason why your Aeon smart switch six went inactive after a few hours has to do with the advanced security features of that model, probably not range. The zwave devices that use advanced security sometimes have issues staying connected to the network unless you have a lot of them on your network. Just one of those things. The trade-off for additional security is more network traffic and more vulnerability to timeouts.

Thanks for the suggestion. Those switches have separate inclusion instructions for non-secure and secure mode, and I did the basic non-secure inclusion. Do you think there’s still some security features that would cause connectivity issues? They’re still a bit flaky; they’ll execute a command and fail to report an updated status, for instance, or take a long time to execute.

Nice blog. In your ERV post, I noticed you jumped right into groovy instead of using Smart Lighting to turn off the vent. Any reason for that?

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To be honest, judging from forum reports that particular device is just a little flaky. Not sure why, most Aeotec devices are quite good. You can ask in one of the forum threads about it and see what people’s experiences have been.

Hey bridaus, I wanted to get into Groovy right off the bat because that little SmartApp is going to grow into an end-to-end ERV management SmartApp. I’ll be publishing posts about that over the next few days.

The Smart Lighting app doesn’t quite seem to do exactly what I want, but it does that have “Turn this off after x minutes” so I see what you’re getting at.

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Cool, makes sense. I always think of the average audience members when I present or write. I assume you are going for more development oriented folks. Nice job, I want an ERV, and can’t wait to see your app.

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There is also a very sophisticated community – developed rules engine now in beta that you might take a look at. :sunglasses:


I posted a new post that continues the development of the ERV-based ventilation management SmartApp I started earlier this week:

Intranet of Stuff

Hi @tcjennings,

Did you concider using for your dashboard. It is a very useful dashboard and is customizable.
It was developed by @625alex

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