My Hub V2 disappeared

I went to run some camands but went into app on samsung galaxy 20 ultra or samsung A tablet but my home hub is toyally gone. The only hub is my samsung 2020 85in Q70 tv which has never done anything. What happened to my ver 2 home hub or why did e erything on the app just go away ever setting or device is gone. I tried to reboot my hub but it turned green then went back to blue dont tell me i have to completely start all over from scatch

  • If you go to the Devices section and then All Devices… is it listed there?
  • are all your devices still showing in the app?

No the hub is gone and all my comands everything is gone on both my samsung tablet and galaxy 20 ultra phone i used them earlier today its all gone

Contact ST and let them look into it

If you login to do they show there? If they don’t… contact support.