My Hub died?

I have been out of town for several weeks and noticed remotely that my 2-year-old Aeotek ST hub had gone offline. Got home and discovered there are no lights and the hub seems to be completely dead. I have tried unplugging and plugging back in but there is no response as it appears it is not getting any power. Any suggestions? If I have to get a new hub will I need to load all devices again or will my app auto-connect to my current devices still showing in the app but offline? Thanks.

  • try a different power outlet (if you haven’t already)
  • replace the power cord

I have tried another Power Adapter / Barrel plug plugged into a portable AC power source and it still has no power to the hub and it shows no watts being pulled from the power source. Can’t understand how it could just go dead but that is what it looks like. If a get a hub will all my current devices auto load from the app or is complete start over?

You will have to start from scratch, re-pair all hub connected devices, re-create automations, etc.

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you might have had a power surge while you were away. then there is always the case where the hub fried itself. i remember that some of the hub v2 200/250 had an internal component that would fry where it would stop working by mains power, but would still work by battery. i inherited one such hub to add to my collection of 15-20 hubs.

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understood but it was connected to a power strip with power surge protection. Four other devices also connected to that strip and no issue. I have contacted Aeotek to see if they can help but doubtful.

how old is the aeotec hub?

just turned 2 years old

ah, thats about how old my one aeotec hub is now.

i run a couple of hubs including v2 200/250 and v3. i got tired of the one hub crashing and taking everything down with it. the only way to totally fix it was to reset everything and start over. so after about 3 times of excluding and re-pairing 200 devices i brought multiple hubs online and separated things. the average hub has about 50 devices connected to it. one hub has all motions, while another hub has all contacts, and another hub has plugs and switches, and then theres the hub with the smoke detectors and leak sensors. since i separated things like this about 2 years ago i havent had any hub crashes. though if one does at least it wont take the whole 200 device system down. all hubs are on the same account and so far communicate between each other. i think part of my single hub crashing was over chatty devices and maxing out memory.

I’m sure you already know this, but just to be clear for others reading… Unless these hubs are some of the Wi-Fi mesh models, they don’t actually communicate directly with each other. Each communicates with your account in the cloud, which will pass along requests.

This is why when you create a routine which has one device from one hub and a different device from another hub that routine will no longer run locally, it will always run in the cloud even if the same routine would run locally if both devices were connected to the same hub.

Just something to keep in mind when you decide how to divide up the devices. :thinking:

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I heard back from Aeotek and they confirmed that with no lights at all on the hub it is dead and there is nothing they can do for me. So I will need to replace the hub with a new one (my expense). So after I get a new hub I understand I will need to add back all my zigbee and z-wave devices and associated automations but what about the 30+ wifi devices (mainly Kasa switches and plugs) that are still working? Will they all need to be manually added to the new hub or will my current app add them back for me? Thanks.

It depends on each individual model, but currently most Wi-Fi devices, such as Meross or Leviton WiFi, currently add through a process,p called “linked services” which adds them at the account level. They actually don’t have anything to do with your hub, old or new. The integration is cloud to cloud. So that’s the good news: if those are working now, they should continue working without you having to do anything at all. :sunglasses:

Any that you had integrated using an edge Driver, though, would have to be re-added, just like a Z wave or Zigbee device. But if that is the case, they wouldn’t be working now.

So it sounds like you’ll be OK with most of your Wi-Fi devices.

thanks. that is the case with Kasa, everything added to ST through “linked services”.

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