My home's not smart enough

(Joe) #1

Our baby boy is due on May 21st and we can’t decide on a name. I’ve tried asking my home to be a tie breaker on the name, but it has yet to comply.

Lol. I should create an app that runs over time. Each room will have a name randomly assigned to it each day. When we enter that room, it will record the event to that name. After a month, we’ll tally how many times we’ve entered each room and see who the winner is.

(Tim Slagle) #3

haha nice. this made my day


My home would suggest Ack. (Engineer joke. :wink:)

(April Wong) #5

Haha! Amazing.

I would download an app to do that for me. I’m terrible at naming things. Case in point : I had a rabbit named Bunny. With this trend, I would name my kids : Kid1, Kid2.

(Gary D) #6

Someone once told me that you wait until the child is born, and you name them the first thing that comes to mind.

I’m glad I didn’t follow that advice. Otherwise, my daughter would be named “bloody mess”, and my son would be named “screamer”

(April Wong) #7

Yea, that would be along the lines of something I’d do. Or make puns out of the first and middle name. Poor Ben Dover Furst will be hating his parents for 18 years.

(Ron S) #8

“Fibaro” is kind of cute and small…

(Gary D) #9

[quote=“smart, post:8, topic:10910, full:true”]
“Fibaro” is kind of cute and small…
[/quote]I really want to get one of those fibaro motion sensors. However, they suddenly have disappeared from amazon, and I really hate the idea of ordering something from a California company and then having to wait 6 to 8 months for it to be shipped to PA. I’m also concerned how my three cats would react to having a cat’s eye staring at them all the time. They might attack it…

(Joe) #10

“Fibaro” is kind of cute and small…

It would be awesome if I entered in Wesley, Malcolm, And Kaden, but after collecting all of the data the house suggested Fibaro. LOL

(Ron S) #11

Your baby will be cute and a precious little one…so, “Fibaro” is the perfect name. heheheheh!

If it was a girl, I would have suggested “hue” or “harmony”.
If you are Philips Hue fan and want to be conservative then may be “Philip”.
Aeon Lab’s fan -> ‘Aeon’ and so on so forth…

“Linear, Remotec, Evolve, SmartThings, Fortrezz etc. are not appropriate names”. :wink:

(Gary D) #12

I’d think “Jasco” would be a good cat name. I wonder how much legal trouble I’d get into if I bought a pair of Fibaro motion sensors, mounted them together, and named them “Jasco”…

(What was this thread about?)

(Ron S) #13

Human baby, Mr. Gary!

(Gary D) #14

[quote=“smart, post:13, topic:10910, full:true”]
Human baby, Mr. Gary!
[/quote]human children? But their eyes don’t look anything like the fibaro motion sensors!

(Ron S) #15

We are suggesting names for @keo’s baby based on device names… That’s a “SmartThing” to do! :wink:

(Gary D) #16

Ah, in that case, I think a variation of the suggestion from @JDRoberts

Instead, considering that kids usually never listen, NAK might be a better name.

(April Wong) #17

Joking aside @Keo,

if you actually end up doing this to name your baby, I think this would be a contender of a blog post and customer stories. :slight_smile: Let me know if you end up doing this, I’d push your story to share to the world :stuck_out_tongue:

(Joe) #18

While I may end up doing this just to learn how to do more with smartThings, I don’t think my wife will agree to let our house pick our child’s name. I may just do it to show her what the house wants after we’ve made up our mind. Lol

(April Wong) #19

Regardless, it’s such a fun idea! It’s like getting a second opinion. or a name generator! Especially if you have pets, they’ll assist in determining what the house thinks your baby should be named!

But, listening to wife is probably a good idea. :smiley: Congratulations!

(Ron S) #20

You mean the first child = Ack = 1, 2nd child Ack = 2… :wink: This baby is so going to be a genius! :wink: we so do apologize @keo for having so much fun at your expense…