My Home Automation Addiction

That was a semi-sarcastic request showing just how far we can carry our addictions. I want to automate my dog. I actually did look into it , but decided it just wasn’t feasible ( yet) .
Saying " Alexa turn on/off the back yard lights" or tapping the button next to the door as you let them in/out is just too much work.


You know, you are not the first person to ask about this. I have read several posts on this topic. I always came to the same conclusion as you. If your not utilizing a doggie dog and are opening the door yourself, what would be the point of automating if your standing near a switch. But I guess that’s how HA addictions work. Once the easy stuff is done, what do you do next?

But if you feel the need for something new, maybe you could get this camera.

After creating a device type to integrate with ST, it should solve your dog dilemma.

Just what I need a picture notification telling me which dog is at the door waiting to come in :slight_smile:


I don’t see people talking much about security. Once we add door locks, garage opener, window openers,… I feel like we just give up the security for convenience. With all of the hacking news lately, I don’t think any company, big or small, is totally secured. Before, thieves have to physically break the doors and windows to enter our house, now they can hack and disable all of the sensors and open doors to enter. I still hesitate to put in the door locks. However, my garage opener currently can be controlled by ST :slight_smile: . What do you think? Can we just blindly trust ST to secure our HA?

Unless you live in the most computer-savvy city in the world, you should worry more about people breaking you door or window, instead of hacking to get into your house. To hack a company is not an easy task, which is usually not in the skills of the common burglar.

As far as smart locks are concerned, you should be worried more because of this:

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Great questions, much discussed in the forums.

Rather than hijack this thread, though, I would start with the security FAQ: (this is a clickable link) most of the people interested in discussing the topic are there:. :sunglasses:

I certainly don’t think so, which is why my ST environment is completely separate from my wired alarm system. They are backups to each other, without either one using a sensor or device from another.

While I have “locks” in my ST world, they’re not real locks. I’ve repurposed an Ecolink sensor and a microswitch to let me know the state of the lock, but never control it.

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@JDRoberts, the link you sent is mainly for securing our home network. I was talking about ST network. Let say if hackers can hack ST network and steal all of the username/password for our accounts. They can sell that information for burglars to use. Burglars can install the new mobile app and use our username/password to control our houses. ST also has our house GPS coordinate. So burglar can know exactly which house to control.

By the way, I have another addiction to check this ST community. The users here are much more active than Vera.

OK, try this topic. :sunglasses:

Yeah, all the addicts are enablers. LOL!


Thank you! Since you are the one to admit it, I’m saying it as well. I am a HA community forum addict.


not sure I have 10K, but I feel like im possibly getting there.

I only have 1 nest
3 protects
hue bridge with 48 lights
5 wemo outlet switches, 3 wall switches
2 echo’s
5 minimotes
kwikset lock
netatmo with 3 additional modules
2 wemo makers
5 ST motion sensors
3 ST presense sensors
4 ST multi sensors
1 ST water detector
8 contact sensors
harmony hub

this hobby is worse than car stuff or BMX bikes…maybe I need to find a new hobby like extreme couponing.


You are seriously missing a few cameras. The latest Harmony Elite. :wink:

I have 2 belkin camera, but they suck horribly. im planning on getting a few of the Samsung ones soon.

Stop it. You are encouraging this poor guy. You are basically being an online HA dealer. :wink:


He’s an HA enabler! ! ! ! !

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I still have 22 light switches still waiting to be installed. The worst part is… I am an electrician. This hobby is starting to cut into my spare times. That’s what my wife said anyway. I think she’s wrong :smile:


I would have more light switches, but I despise putting them in

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Mine started with binge-buying ordinary LED bulbs. Then I asked myself, “Hmmmm…what are these GE Link bulbs all about?” At that point it just spiraled out of control. :pensive:

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Yes the joke use to be " how many XXX does it take to change a light bulb" updated (HA) version is- how many light bulbs does XXX need. I now find myself looking for empty sockets and staring longingly at new lamps… :anguished:

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