My Home Automation Addiction

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Heeelp my last post was August 2016 and now … now I have become @bamarayne. I have a garage full of gadgets that I didn’t get a ‘chance’ to install.


The only thing that has saved me has been creating both a per room budget and a monthly budget. With the idea that I expect to get three years use out of most devices. So if I want to buy a new light switch, it’s with the idea that it needs to last for three years and the cost needs to come out of my my monthly budget.

It’s a bit tricky, and it does mean I miss some sales, but since the automation is much more essential for me than for many people I need to make sure that I stick to my plan. :sunglasses:

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My plan is DO NOT look at the deals section. I’ve been pretty good until today. But also needed one more Aeon multi sensor to complete my transition to Zwave …well ended up with 2 sensors and 2 Minimotes. Now I am back on ignore…


Haha, I’m in the same boat although I just have a small drawer full of extra switches, motion sensors, plugs, and contacts. I still look at the deals section and I just bought two PEQ dimmer outlets because I don’t have any and I might need it someday. I just couldn’t pass up the $15 price on them. I think I’m beyond hope :money_mouth_face:

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That’s actually a pretty good plan. Nothing will put you in the poor house faster than opportunities to save money.

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I’ve only been at this for a few months and am hardcore addicted. My girlfriend feels she never spends time with me because I’m always installing new devices and automations and looking for deals. Im about to have to start keeping all the new stuff a secret until its already installed and working. I am easily spending 750 a month on devices so far and everything is a deal. I am finding myself saying, "do I need/ will I use this? Eh Maybe. Sold. " I have to get control of myself. It just feels so good when I get that package in the mail!!!

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Good on ya! Way to help the economy! Funny forget, April is the fourth month of love your HA recognition month!

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My wife would respectfully disagree with you. She has an economy degree in what she likes to call “Saving by Spending”. Unfortunately, none of that applies for my HA stuff. :pensive:

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Been there, done that. Then, after a few years of addiction you start to realize that, unfortunately, the ROI (both time and money spent) is pretty darn low. I’m ok with a small and simple setup, but as you try to automate every nook and cranny, the complexity grows exponentially and reliability drops inversely. You end up spending more and more time maintaining and trouble shooting your setup and enjoying it less and less. Keep it simple, folks!

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The Law of Diminishing Returns…I am sure I studied this in college and I am sure I understood it. I am sure that I have used it to my advantage. I am sure that before learning that there was a SmartThings Community, My initial investment would have paid for itself in 2 years…

I am more than likely now, at a 20 year payback period for equipment that will be obsolete in 3 years…

Damn You Community! Damn You All!! Damn You Deal Zone!!! I blame it all on @JDRoberts!


Hey, I’m the one who actually keeps to a budget, don’t blame me!

Blame @bamarayne , he’s the official enabler. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I have a budget! I just can’t find it…

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Lol! Yeah, I’m trying to find the right balance on this. My education point turned out to be the myQ garage thing. I had ST control for a few days but it was less than reliable. Then Alexa was controlling it for awhile, then Chamberlain broke that functionality… I just don’t see the value of trying to chase this down again every time Chamberlain makes a change. So now I have the Chamberlain notifications alert ST to garage status, and have to resort to the grueling, exhausting task of pressing a button to open/close the garage LOL

So I’m keeping things somewhat simple where possible, and automating only where sensible and not just for automation’s sake. And in-line with the original topic, not spending huge $$$ in the process.

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I got Philips hue starter kit (bridge & 4 bulbs) for $160. Well worth it IMO!


Yes, I got into them as well and now I have 8 color bulbs, 7 white bulbs, and 3 light strips. I just got the last two strips to put behind my TV and with an iOS app called Hue TV, it will “see” up to 3 colors used in a movie or show and change the colors of the light strip accordingly. So if there are a lot of red in the screen, my light strip will be glowing red as well. It should definitely add visual ambiance to whatever I’m watching! If you use Android, I think there is a similar apps as well. Only drawback is having to set up your device to keep looking at your screen.

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I use iOS, the cool apps I found are lightDJ, Thorlight… I’ll check out the one you mentioned!

Also a Cool Mac/windows app that syncs movies on your screen is called “screenbloom”. Check it out

Hey, since I’m newbie… I only have 1 dot & hue starter kit… (1) I want hue strips, but I have to figure out how to get it powered nicely on top of my kitchen cabinets. Guessing I’ll have to drill a hole up top… YouTube videos have not shown that part. I’m going to have to just buy strip & figure out how to pull it off. $60 on sale (from $89). I also want a hue Go, but $70 for cordless rechargeable ball, yikes! The Hue bloom I just ordered was $50… but sucks having a cord.

(2) I’m looking to replace my old worn out front door lock. I’d like it to be Alexa compatible & for it to also work with my future purchase of a ST hub (still deciding between ADT-ST or STv2).

(3) Lastly I want to replace switches, but that is out of my skill set… I know nothing of wires, I’m going to have to hire electrician & have them look at installing nuertral wires (if some of my outlets don’t have any). I want my switches/dimmers to be Alexa & ST compatible also.


I just double-checked the name of the app that I use and it’s actually called Hue TV although there is also an app called Hue Camera that does similar.

Hue Lights are expensive but I find that they do seem to have one of the best in quality and features. There’s a lot of 3rd party support and software as well.

I replaced my door lock with one of these although I haven’t researched any of the new options out there. I like the idea that it also can use a key as a fallback option.


If you check the quick browse lists in the project report section in the community – created wiki there are a number of lighting projects and some discuss the various ways of connecting LEDs. Check both the " lighting" list and the “kitchen” list for ideas. :sunglasses:


Also, I suggest you start your own thread under projects and that way people can give you advice and suggestions and we won’t be hijacking other threads. :wink: