My first device turning on without being commanded

I want to say first that I’m not convinced the hub sent the command. It’s possible for some reason the device turned itself on. This is all my logs show:

2015-12-06 11:23:31.684 AM EST 11 minutes ago DEVICE /physical switch on Garage-Heater switch is on

There are no other events, no other settings, no other apps, no other evidence for why this device came on, other than this one line in the events for the device.

For now I put a power allowance smart lighting app on it to let it only run for an hour, but is there anything else I can do to figure out why a device would just come on? It’s a Linear Relay in an electric garage heater.

My most reliable HA device has been a Lutron switch with a motion sensor. Was less expensive, always runs local and has not come on by itself in over a year. Well last night it did. My wife came to me and said. ST is acting up again. Talking about creature of habits…-:smile: