My First Automation -- Didn't work as planned

Just wanted to let everyone know that my automation has been working perfectly since I added the delay on the second light. However, now I noticed a new problem----the sunset trigger time never changes. It seems to be stuck on 8:13 pm. Sunset is now at 8:18 pm, but my lights continue to come on at 8:13 pm every day. How do I fix this?

Anyone have any idea how I can get the sunset time correct? Mine is stuck and never changes.

WhiteShadow - I’m a new ST user. Just moved here from Wink. I have been watching this thread. I also have some unexplained reliability issues where some lights turn on while some don’t in a simple automation. I will be taking some actions concerning the location of my hub and will probably insert a “delay” in an attempt to increase the reliability of my automations.

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Hey Bradster, we’re in the same boat. I’ve been using Wink for the last three years and just switched over to SmartThings. Overall, I’m pretty happy with the switch so far, but I have to say that while Wink wasn’t perfect, it sure was easier overall to get everything working properly. I never had problems with getting my lights to trigger on or off as intended. I never had problems with the hub not knowing when sunrise or sunset is every day. And I never had problems pairing my devices with the Wink Hub. The user interface for Wink is also so much better too.

Unfortunately, Wink has been very unreliable for the last 6 months or so. My lights would either come on late or not at all. And they they often wouldn’t turn off as scheduled. Using voice commands to turn stuff on or off seemed to be hit or miss. And when it did work, there was often a significant time delay. And even with all of these problems, Wink decides to turn to a subscription model? Really? Nope, time to move on and here I am trying to figure out the things that I used to take for granted with my Wink Hub. Fortunately, there seems to be a knowledgeable and helpful user community for ST that is willing to help out us newbies.

But I still can’t figure out how to get my ST Hub to know that sunset time changes over time. :wink:

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One item users may want to check —> did you set the geolocation for your hub? In the new app, click on More (3 dots in the upper right of the screen) and select Manage location. You will see a section for Geolocation. If you have not set it, you may get unexpected results when using sunset/sunrise in automations.

Hi jkp. I just checked it and my address appears in the Geolocation on the app.

Last thing you can check… login to IDE at choose My Locations and click on the name of your location. Do you see the correct time zone and sunset/sunrise info?

So after all of the various trial and error tests we’ve been recommending from the beginning of this thread, it now looks like multiple people are reporting problems with time-based automations that began in the last week or two. This appears to be particularly an issue with automations that mix sunrise/sunset and time of day, but other variations as well. :scream:

What is up with timed automations?

If you are having this kind of problem using the official features, make sure you report it to support. The more people who report it, the more resources get assigned to fixing it.

jkp, I followed your instructions and I see my timezone listed as “America/New York” which I guess is accurate. I’m actually in New Jersey, but that’s the same timezone as New York.

Then I looked at my sunrise & sunset times and they are listed at 5:42am and 8:13pm. A quick google search of sunrise and sunset times for my zipcode show 5:37am and 8:20pm. Close, but not exactly right. I don’t know what to make of this…

Yes, they are definitely off in regards to the correct time. Try this, change your geolocation to somewhere in a different time zone… somewhere in the western part of the US. Save those settings. Wait one minute and change it back to the correct location where you live. Save. Then check IDE and see if the sunset/sunrise times are displaying the correct info.

jkp, I don’t see an option for changing my geolocation in IDE. If I go into the app, I can’t see how to change my geolocation either. I can only see an option to remove it, which gives me a warning that all scenes, automation, services and devices linked to my account will be deleted.

What’s the right way to change my geolocation temporarily and then change it back?

You need to use the app to change geolocation. You can’t do it from IDE. When you click on the geolocation section, you should get a map. You can resize the map and choose a different location

Okay, but all my stuff gets deleted? Or am I doing it wrong?

Nothing gets deleted by changing your geolocation. I believe you may be getting that confused with location in IDE. If you delete that, you would lose all your devices and hub. You do not want to touch that.

And don’t remove location in the app.

Just click on the geolocation field and change that.

Okay, got it. I am trying it now. I see the map and moved my location to somewhere in California. I don’t see any way to save the location though. I’ll see if it updates in IDE and then I’ll change it back.

Okay, I switched my geolocation to California and it showed up in IDE as Los Angeles. Then I waited a minutes and switched it back to my actual location in New Jersey. The sunrise and sunset times did not change. They are both still off by about 7 minutes.

Contact ST support as mentioned by @JDRoberts

I am in the same time zone as you but my sunset shows as 8:24

Same time zone and mine is 8:23 for sunset. 5:47 for sunrise.

Hmm…so it’s not so much that my sunset is off by 7 minutes, but my real problem is that the sunset time never changes. It’s stuck on 8:13pm, which was accurate when I created the automation. Our days are still getting longer, so the sunset time should change by a minute or so every day and it’s obviously not.

I will contact support and ask for help.

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It could be an issue with the SHARD (servers where your account is on) that is causing the issue.