My First APP Error: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

Just starting to play with the Developer and trying to run the tutorial app. When I execute it and hit the play button on the simulation motion sensor, it results in an ArrayIndexOutOf BoundsException. Is this a Simulator problem or is the tutorial code wrong?

It’s a simulator bug. More info here: Simulator virtual devices not working

Thank you - Good to know it’s not the code. I’m obviously new to this, but I have done some other programming and didn’t see anything in the code that looked like it should result in that particular error.

Muy advice, skip the simulator… Ruin it live in the app.


Wait, there’s a simulator?! LOL


Big boys don’t use simulators, they try their **** in real time :smiley: Failure is not a failure if it’s simulated, you know…

But anyways, I gotta get me one of these simulators: