My Favorite SmartApps

Here are the apps I really like:

ActiON Dashboard
Magic Home
Occupancy Light Simulator
Dim with Me/Better Virtual Dimmer

What apps do you use? I’m looking to see if I’m missing out any good stuff.


I am probably a bit biased, but I love SharpTools! :heart_eyes:

It’s really primarily an Android app that adds Widgets and Tasker Integration for SmartThings, but it does automatically install a supporting SmartApp when first used (like IFTTT).

It is an integral part of usability for me, adding the capability to quickly toggle a light or turn off a set of lights from my phone’s homescreen. I also use it for voice integration so I can say “Okay google, lights out” or other similar voice commands.

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+1 on ActiON Dashboard and Pollster!

[quote=“joshua_lyon, post:2, topic:9910”]
I also use it for voice integration
[/quote]With a bit of work, my new favorite use for this is: okay google, annoy the children. That causes the flasher smartapp (via a virtual switch) to start blinking all the lights in the game room for several seconds.


Any app which triggers the siren to annoy the missus! :wink:


once my siren stayed armed when i came home. i don’t think i’ve ever seen my cats run away so fast!