My escalation of smarthome 'luck'

In another thread I mused on my luck in getting the “right stuff” for my smart home setup. While I did indeed research everything I got, and while luck certainly is the residue of design, I gotta say that sheer dumb luck has been a factor. Starting with the Schlage Camelot lock. You see, I got that for one Reason: so the wife could go running without having to carry a key. As I was researching I stumbled on the fact that it works with smart homes. So I got it.

Had it for more than a year before I decided to do anything with the smart home idea. Only to find that it had a flaw! First luck: Schlage replaced it free, even though it was out of warranty. (Great customer service there, and I will likely buy from them again because of it.) Second luck: I chose ST instead of Wink.

Third luck was deciding on an android control panel. I’d already messed with Tasker and AutoApps a couple years back, and sensed it would serve me here. The great surprise and fourth luck was Sharptools and SmartTiles.

Then there was the fact that I’d already owned a Denon receiver. So when it came time to replace it, I naturally looked again at Denon. And there was the luck - it turned out that the Denon’s simple but unpublished http protocol is a perfect fit for a home automation system.

And then finally the Bravia. I’d begun researching tvs with an eye toward perhaps 2018, but then one day (a week before the event) at Best Buy on a different mission the wife said “we’re hosting the super bowl, we need a new set”. My research was not yet complete, but we went with the Bravia anyway… and luckily, it can do anything I’ve wanted it to do.

All along the line I could easily have made other choices, choices that might not have worked quite as well.