My Devices in IDE

Ok maybe it is just me, but I am not happy about the changes to the “My Device” tab in the IDE. The execution data is nice, but in giving us that, you messed up “Last Activity” and took away sort. I get Activity date/time zulu is nice, but TBH, I used the "2 hours ago, 10 min ago) data way more. Couple that with the inability to sort, and I have lost my first step in checking the health of my smart home. Please fix.

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I have a general pet peeve against date/timestamps being show in “days ago / hours ago” format, though it does depend on end-use case.

Ideally, of course, selection of date format would be customizable by the customer; but that’s always easier asked than implemented. The amount and granularity of customization can never be underestimated!

Actually… Ideal would probably be a REST-API to each page in the IDE, so that it could be queried by automations…?

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You are 100% right. 90% of the time that time format sucks, but in this use case of looking real quick for things that might have fallen off the mesh, it was nice. I could live with the Zulu time, if we had not also broken sort.


Thanks for the bug report. We’ve identified the problem and will get this fixed.


I thought something had changed, but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. The local/cloud label is nice.

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