My decora switch is offline and I don't have a wifi light

Good evening!
This is my first post. I’ve two AICLIV decora light switches and never had an issue until this evening. I manually turned off my front porch light and when I tried to turn it back on again, the wifi light was blinking and the touch pad was unresponsive. I was finally able to push the pad to turn the light on but now the wifi light is off and my Alexa app shows the device is unresponsive. Please help. I would hate to redo my entire routine, pairing, etc if I don’t have to. I appreciate any help or tips on how to get the wifi up and running on this switch. Thank you!

What region are you in? There was a platform degraded performance for some users in Europe but looks like that may have been resolved.

Sorry. USA. This is a strange and sudden condition. It was working fine now, dead.