My custom ecobee device and android V1.7

Hello there,

Just to let you know, for those of you who are using My custom ecobee device, if you upgrade your android app to V1.7, you will have to grab the latest code at github due to the new UI tile constraints:

You may need to kill your smartThings app and restart it in order to load the UI tiles properly (and maybe clean your app cache).

The UI tiles rendering will be different (font size, label placement) as it’s no longer possible to use carriage returns (\n) in any tiles.


@yvesracine Very Nice. The updates work on my nexus 5 running 1.7.

Still some UI issue to fix, but at least, it loads correctly…

I am still getting the same error. I force stopped the app, clean the cache, I even published a couple of times. Still getting the same error. I am on 1.7.1

@rey_rios, I upgraded to 1.7.1 just to be sure, and it still works for me.

I remember that I killed the smartThings app, and also did a “clean data” when I upgraded to 1.7.0 to start from a clean state, and re-login again.

Try that and let me know.

I tried that but no luck. I tried both my phone and tablet and even power cycle the hub.

@rey_rios, well, you may have to wait that SmartThings fixes the UI issues on their end.

They have received a lot of complains in the last 24hr, so hopefully they will fix the UI framework soon.

P.S. In the meantime, try to clean your overall cache in your phone/tablet to ensure that caching is adequate for SmartThing. I suspect that the new version requires more cache space than the previous ones.

Sorry, there is not that much I can do on my end based on the information I know.

P.S. You can still use Alex’ dashboard to change and view your settings. The custom device is still operational in the backend.

@rey_rios, just to be sure, you need to grab the code from the master branch (not the beta one) , as this beta code is not changed.

Bye for now.

Yes. This is the one you modified 10 hours ago. In my Things tiles, I get the green circle tile with the temperature, and those are correct (which by the way now shows decimals). But when I click on the gear, is when I get the error.

Is there anything I can send you to help you troubleshoot it? I couldn’t see anything in the live logging.

My next step would be to uninstall it and re-install it again.

Just to verify, here is the screenshot of the code that I published. As you can see, it does not include the \n

@rey_rios, you probably have a Samsung, HTC or other device (but not a Nexus), or maybe your O/S version is different from mine. I have only Nexus devices (4,5,7) and my OS is 5.0.1 and 5.1.

You need to contact and let them know of your android version and type of device . There is no trace in the logs that can help me on my end as this UI problem is appearing before any live logging…

Sorry about the inconvenience.

@rey_rios, just one more try, I made some changes to the code as I saw some strange trace in the logs
for Farenheits values.

Just grab the latest code at github and please test it again (I’m really shooting in the dark here!)…

Let me know.

Yep, whatever you did, fixed it! Thank you so much for your support. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S4, rooted running Lollipop. But it was also happening at my LG Tablet (non-rooted) running 4.4.

I also like the tiles more now, they are bolder. One question, why is it showing the decimals on the temperature? Is that something that we can change? I don’t need anything that accurate in my life!! :wink:

Thank you once again!

Hmmm… As I was typing this reply, I went to the app again, and now is not showing the temp with decimals. Weird!

@rey_rios, I’m glad that this issue is fixed for your devices…

The scale (decimal part) is needed for Celsius.

In the latest code release, I made some changes to format Celsius and Farenheits differently as the scale is not needed for Farenheits.

Bye for now.


For those of you who have upgraded to Android V1.7.2 or just want the latest release
which includes the logic for the ecobee3’s remote sensors.

Please grab the latest code at


Has anyone seen these errors with the Ecobee3? Re-authorizing the app does nothing. It all seems to work. The only notable message from re-authorizing is the MyEcobeeInit errror below.

Stat message

8e55db05-77b8-4219-a2b5-78e9248204bf 8:23:37 PM: error doRequest> general or malformed request error null

MyEcobeeInit generates this error…

2c1bf9bc-b257-4372-8169-12372e775374 8:23:34 PM: error getEcobeeThermostats> Probable cause: not the right account for this type (ems) of thermostat [uri:, path:/1/thermostat, headers:[Content-Type:text/json, Authorization:Bearer fLFoSzsoqjNcfjSfvCJR3J2LHZcZokVS], query:[format:json, body:{“selection”:{“selectionType”:“managementSet”,“selectionMatch”:“/”}}]]

@johnlcox, I just responded to your email. As I said in the email, the error related to MyEcobeeInit is not really an error as the service manager tries to get all thermostat types under your account (including EMS) even if you don’t own one.

Your errors are related to a lost connection with the ecobee servers. And I sent you some possible causes in the email.

I will try them out. Thanks.

No lost connections - very stable.