My Bluetooth,4g,wifi and location fall out when i charge my phone with cable

Whenever I charge my phone,My Bluetooth,4g,wifi and location fall out, its been for this over 5 months and its getting annoying,i remember doing something with the smartthings app but i dint recall what or where

I believe you may need to provide more details:

  • brand/model of phone
  • do you have a ST hub (if so, which model?) or do you only use the ST app only?
  • I assume you are referring to bluetooth, 4g and wifi on the phone?
  • what does location falls out?
  • any details on your charger you want to share?

right now… I am not clear on your issue.

have you contacted Support?

  • Samsung A52
  • app only
  • yes
  • any charger from ps5 to phone charger

You may want to contact Samsung Support. I don’t believe this issue is related to ST (I could be wrong).

You may also want to post your question on the Samsung Community Forum. Head over to scroll to the bottom of the screen to find their contact info and their forum.

It doesn’t immediately sound like something the SmartThings app could do.

What does ‘fall out’ mean? Do they just stop working or are they turned off gracefully like switching airplane/flight mode on?