MX40PI Motion Sensors Interfere with Zigbee/Zwave?

I have the MX-40PI motion sensors throughout my house. I am waiting to receive my Konnected alarm conversion kit in order to connect my wired alarm system to SmartThings.

I read a review on Amazon where a person was claiming that the MX-40PI motion sensor will “interfere with Zigbee and Zwave and will crash your entire network”. Is any of this true?

It could be, depending on physical placement. This particular model operates on 2.45 GHz for its microwave component, and that could definitely interfere with Wi-Fi or zigbee which operate in an adjacent band… (To interfere with Z wave, it would have to be pretty much right on top of it).

There have been multiple reports of this issue, and in the UK these devices can only be deployed “with restrictions’” meaning The installer has to test to make sure they aren’t interfering with the local Wi-Fi network.

If you have them all over your house, then you are more likely to have a problem, obviously. And if you have any close to the hub, then that’s more likely to be a problem.

So I would say there’s a potential issue, but it just depends on the exact physical placement of all the devices.

They are currently all over the house and I haven’t experience any problems at all. At this point I have zwave and zigbee in practically every room without any issues.

I’ve never had any issues with wifi either.

Does this mean I’m good to go?

I wouldn’t think adding Konnected would make any difference if that’s what you’re asking. If you have trouble reaching the specific Konnected device you might just need to physically move it to a different location. These kind of interference issues always come down to very specific placement. :sunglasses: