Must Haves

(Matt) #1

What are the must haves
What is the part of your smartthings you can’t live without ?

(Jovan) #2

rule machine, smarttiles, and either a helmet or thick pad to put on your forehead for banging head against the wall when ST fails

(Marc) #3

Amazon Echo and Logitech Harmony. Also, Somfy Blinds (but that is extremely pricey, so I can’t say it’s a Must).

(Different Computers. So happy with Indigo.) #4

Incredible patience, a tolerance for annoyance, and a wife who isn’t easily annoyed.

Also SmartTiles. (I use SmartRules instead of Rule Machine.)

(Matt Perva) #5

Amazon Echo for sure, and agree with everyone else patience, and a wife with the patience to deal with issues.

(Matt) #6

I like my Fire TV even more than my Echo. It understands me better since I can hold the remote closer and well its a ton cheaper and does more functions.

(Matt) #7

I have really been thinking about a echo. If they would go on sale it would be a done deal. I just haven’t came to the point where I’m ready to pay full price yet.

Where do I buy one of those patient wives?
Heh we will see how patient she will be once I get everything installed.
She has a very simple smartiles . So hopefully min frustration for her

(Matt) #8

Mine wasn’t patient enough so I traded her for a new car and Smartthings. The car is nice and stable anyway…

(Ed) #9

I’ve got mine trained to the use the ST app, no success in other parts of my life - LOL

My ST have all been about motion & contact sensors. Have a few Foscam cameras too but trying to get a better cam for more dedicated/integrated approach to motion > recording > alarm & personal cloud upload.

As I’m across the pond (UK), Ive been thinking hard about an Echo too.

(Dean Smith) #10

A stable, working hub.

(Brian Diehl) #11

For me the must have 3rd party integrations are Echo and Harmony. SmartApp must haves are Rule Machine, SmartTiles, Sharptools, and LANnouncer.