Must Haves

What are the must haves
What is the part of your smartthings you can’t live without ?

rule machine, smarttiles, and either a helmet or thick pad to put on your forehead for banging head against the wall when ST fails


Amazon Echo and Logitech Harmony. Also, Somfy Blinds (but that is extremely pricey, so I can’t say it’s a Must).

Incredible patience, a tolerance for annoyance, and a wife who isn’t easily annoyed.

Also SmartTiles. (I use SmartRules instead of Rule Machine.)


Amazon Echo for sure, and agree with everyone else patience, and a wife with the patience to deal with issues.

I like my Fire TV even more than my Echo. It understands me better since I can hold the remote closer and well its a ton cheaper and does more functions.

I have really been thinking about a echo. If they would go on sale it would be a done deal. I just haven’t came to the point where I’m ready to pay full price yet.

Where do I buy one of those patient wives?
Heh we will see how patient she will be once I get everything installed.
She has a very simple smartiles . So hopefully min frustration for her


Mine wasn’t patient enough so I traded her for a new car and Smartthings. The car is nice and stable anyway…


I’ve got mine trained to the use the ST app, no success in other parts of my life - LOL

My ST have all been about motion & contact sensors. Have a few Foscam cameras too but trying to get a better cam for more dedicated/integrated approach to motion > recording > alarm & personal cloud upload.

As I’m across the pond (UK), Ive been thinking hard about an Echo too.

A stable, working hub.

For me the must have 3rd party integrations are Echo and Harmony. SmartApp must haves are Rule Machine, SmartTiles, Sharptools, and LANnouncer.