Multiswitch light in one gang box?


I am new to home automation and i recently picked up a smarthing hub. My ultimate goal is to connect my motion sensor with a switch outlet that controls 2 light switches. So if there is movement at night, the main hallway light will turn on.

The problem is, i cant find a multiswitch outlet. Is that even possible?

thanks in advance…

There are a couple of power strips that will do it, but they may not be the look that you want.

There are some devices scheduled for release in 2016 that have two independently controlled outlets in the same receptacle. This is possible because of the smaller size of the Z wave plus hardware relative to the current generation. So those are coming, but not here yet. One was just recently certified.

Another option is a dual relay, typically zigbee. They do exist now and there is at least one on the official “compatible with smartthings list” from smartenIT. Is fit inside the wall, but they’re a little big. More commonly used for example on pool equipment, with one controlling the pump and one controlling the light so they’ll fit Some use cases but might require a bigger box inside the wall.

The easiest thing would just be to wait for the release of the new products. The HomeKit receptacles that are coming out do have two independently-controlled outlets, and this is creating a market push on the Z wave product manufacturers. Now technically made possible by the newest Zwave chipset generation.

What kind of “switch”?

I’m a little bit confused by what you mean by “multi-switch outlet” though. This does have a specific meaning to an engineer, but I’m not sure if it’s the one you mean. (To an engineer, a networked outlet that you plug things into is also a “switch.”)

If you just mean a two button switch that fits in a one-gang box, that does exist. The Leviton Version can be made to work with smart things, people typically use it in the bathroom with one button for the light and one for the fan. It’s kind of tricky to pair but it does work.

thank you. You have answered my question. By switch i meant the 2 button relay switch controlling light switches. Cheers!