Multisensor stops sending temperature history

I have a multisensor in my wine cooler. Open and close send fine so I don’t think it is a signal issue. The temp doesn’t seem to change and the history stopped. How often is it supposed to send the recent history? Resetting the battery seems to help but I can do that everyday. I do not have osram bulbs.

This is typically normal…does the open/close show up in the history? To save battery the device will only report out if there is a change in current state. A wine cooler, by definition, should stay at a constant temperature all of the time. To test this theory, remove the device from there and sit it outside for a bit, then bring it back in after a couple hours. If the history didn’t change you have a bad temp probe on the device. If it does change and eventually show the correct outside temperature and then changes to the cooler temperature, then everything is fine.

I had the opposite happen. My multipurpose sensor stopped reporting open and close. But it was still reporting temperature. I recently had it replaced under warranty through SmartThings.

in the case of ST gen1 contact sensor, when the battery depletes to some level, it appeared to me that it no longer has the juice to monitor or notify for the contacts, even though the temperature updates continued. The level was something less than 30% using the 2xAAAA, I think it was in the 10-20% range.

in the case of ST gen2 multisensors (and I assume contact sensor of similar design, using coin cell CR2045), they have been consistently unreliable in my testing. I’d be surprised that any replacement would act differently.

I did a little test today. I cracked open the wine cooler. The contact
sensor worked as design (open) and the instantaneous temp on the main
dashboard also started climbing as expected.

The contact history appeared in 'Recently," but still nothing in Recently
for temperatures since yesterday when I reseated the battery.

The temp probe works, the transmission works. What could it be?

Then you have an accounting issue within smart things (event accounting, that is). I recommend contacting support. However, if the instantaneous temperature is correct and the open close is registered, what is really the issue? Do you have automation attached to any of these. The most important thing about the temperature is if you have alerting somehow attached to it. If you don’t, then the event not showing up in the recent events is almost a noticeable but non-impacting issue. If you really want to fix it, remove it from SmartThings and then re-add it. If it doesn’t work (And other ones do in your house), why not just replace it?

Yes, I have analytics that calculates running averages based on history. I
can try re-adding it, I haven’t tried that yet.

Well, it just updated again (without removing and re-adding) about 24 hours
later. Does it update randomly or at a set frequency?

It only changes when there is a discernable change in temperature to the device. Again, if you remove it from the cooler and the temperature goes up more than a degree in s short amount of time and it does not show in your device event log (and it doesn’t trigger your automation) then you may have something wrong with your actual account and you should contact support. It sounds like it is updating…I have a device is a stable area and it updates maybe a couple times a week…unless you have automation that triggers on the change and that doesn’t work, I wouldn’t worry about it too much.