Multipurpose sensor suddenly show door open at night!

I have a multipurpose sensor on my laundry room door and front door. Two nights in a row the laundry door alarmed it was “open” at around 2 or 3 am. Battery showed it was 78%. I popped the battery out and put it back in to “reset” it. Last night my front door sensor did the same thing. Obviously these are false alarms but I can’t really rely on the sensors as much as I thought I could. Front door also shows 78% btw.

I have an Iris sensor I got from lowes right after I bought this kit and it hasn’t exhibited this behavior…yet.

Should I just go ahead and replace the batteries in all of them? What else could I check?


The battery is most likely dead. There have been issues with battery reporting on these sensor for quite a while and no fix for them yet.

From personal experience, if you get a lot of false positives, then your batteries are close to needing replacement

Thanks. I’ll replace these today.

How about the iris sensors? Are those prone to issues as well?

I don’t know I don’t have any of those

are you a sleepwalker? Check with that guy.

Between hub updates that throw odd events, maybe device handler revisions, cloud latency ghosts, and this particular sensor hardware (gen2 multipurpose sensor that takes coin cell battery),

you can’t use these for security IMO. Just too much falsing. They only make sense for notification and entertainment, but don’t let them wake you up at night. New batteries have made little difference. There are many posted issues. Perhaps the issues are limited to specific lemony examples of this model, but they are a common occurance. I retired my 2 testing examples.

The monoprice Zwave contact sensors have been 100% reporting and good battery life for the past 18 months. Not sure if there is a new model. I suggest avoid coin cell batteries.